Eldorado’s tips for pleasure product retailers in inspiring intimate gift-giving, not just gag gifts, this holiday season.

(Note: This story appears in the October 2023 issue of SE Magazine

The pleasure products industry has steadily grown and changed beyond simple novelty products and gag gifts. Once relegated to the shadows, pleasure products burst into the mainstream, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and functionalities. From vibrators and lingerie to massage oils and games, there is an extensive range of options to explore. Even though these personal items are designed to enhance intimacy, strengthen relationships and promote self-love and self-care, their gift-ability rarely reaches beyond bridal showers, anniversaries, breakups and divorce. 

We believe in the immense potential for growth and expansion by encouraging the giftable nature of pleasure. Beyond individuals purchasing for themselves, retail stores can tap into the market of those buying gifts for partners, friends or even themselves. While relationship-centric occasions are the most common gift-giving occasions, there are many other life milestones that could also be celebrated with pleasure. Housewarming gifts of pleasure could be an exciting way to rethink christening a new home. A new job could be another opportunity to celebrate pleasure. Retirements and empty nesting are two timely milestones where a gift of pleasure might be especially appropriate and appreciated. 

Encouraging gift-giving creates opportunities to reach a broader customer base. When done thoughtfully and consensually, these gifts can enhance relationships and self-confidence. By promoting these products as suitable and thoughtful gifts, we break down stigmas, while normalizing discussions about intimacy and sexuality, leading to a more open and inclusive society. 

Here are a few recommendations on how to encourage gift-giving in the pleasure products market: 

Marketing and education: 

Invest in marketing campaigns that emphasize the suitability of pleasure products as gifts. Showcase a wide range of products for different occasions, while providing educational content to inform customers about product choices and usage. 

Packaging and presentation: 

Consider the packaging and presentation of products with gift-giving in mind. Elegant, discreet and visually appealing packaging can make a significant difference. Highlighting the product’s versatility as a gift can also be a selling point. 

Occasion-based collections: 

Create curated collections of pleasure products specifically tailored to different occasions. For example, offer a “Romantic Getaway” collection featuring sensual massage oils and luxurious lingerie for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. These collections can simplify the gift-buying process for customers. 

In-store displays: 

Distributors and manufacturers could work closely with retailers to develop in-store displays that promote gift-giving. Eye-catching displays featuring gift-ready products and informative signage can attract customers and inspire them to consider pleasure products as thoughtful presents. 

Special promotions and discounts: 

Offer special promotions and discounts during gift-centric seasons and occasions. Discounts on bundles or exclusive gift sets can incentivize customers to explore gift-giving options within the pleasure products category. 

Collaborative marketing efforts: 

Collaborate between manufacturers and retailers to host events or workshops focused on gift-giving within the pleasure products industry. These events can provide a platform for discussing the benefits of thoughtful, intimate gifts and can generate buzz around the topic. 

At Eldorado, we understand the importance of offering a curated selection of pleasure products that cater to your customers’ desires and preferences. Gift-giving occasions for pleasure products can be highly personal and intimate. When chosen thoughtfully, and given at the right time, these intimate gifts can enhance relationships and create memorable moments of connection and exploration. Overcoming stigma is a gradual process, and change may take time. A collective effort from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers will help to create a more accepting and inclusive society that values sexual pleasure as a normal and healthy aspect of human experience. 

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