Offering over 300 stand-apart toys not common to larger vendors, Canadian manufacturer Nobü establishes a reputation for itself as a trustworthy brand bringing new delights to the table.

(Note: This story appears in the February 2024 issue of SE Magazine


stablished in 2013, Nobü (Bodi Spa) has quickly become an internationally-recognized brand when it comes to high-end pleasure products and accessories. Born out of a passion for pleasure, the Nobu founder and CEO began with a desire to diversify the adult toy industry, to create a line of inclusive play products that not only catered to a wide range of individuals, but also integrated the latest technology in the field. From rechargeable, whisper-quiet toys, to an expansive range of gender-neutral products, the brand’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity is woven into its fabric.

“With a catalog of over 300 toys and accessories to choose from, it is hard to pinpoint just one thing that we are known for, but generally, when people think of Nobü, they think ‘fun’,” shares Karalyne Fosty, Creative Director of Nobü/Bodi Spa. “In fact, the most common feedback we get is how unique and eye-catching our products are, making it easy for them to stand out at shows and on retail shelves.”

Fosty shares that standing out was an aim for the small business from the very beginning: to set the boutique brand apart from competitors by straying away from traditional shapes and colors that oversaturated the adult market.

“We have never limited ourselves to focusing on just one type of product, so unlike many other smaller vendors of our size, we have been able to establish ourselves as a one-stop shop when it comes to intimate adult toys and accessories,” shares Fosty. “From glass novelties, to toy cleaner, to fetish gear, our various product lines offer a little bit of something for everyone, and our in-house design team is constantly keeping an eye on the market so that we can turnover products quickly in order to maintain a competitive edge.”

Despite being a small Canadian company – or perhaps because of it’s “boutique” approach – Nobü is consistently offering something different from competitors.

“Thanks to our amazing R&D team, we have been able to do just that,” Fosty delights. “And we continue creating a beautiful collection of luxury products that are as unique as they are functional.”

On par with their distinct beauty, Nobü values the functionality of their toys, above all else. By ensuring quality, the small brand is able to establish trustworthy relationships with its retailers and continue doing business.

“There is nothing more disappointing than coming home from a store with a new purchase that doesn’t work,” Fosty explains. “While all of our products undergo rigorous testing prior to production, defects unfortunately still happen, which is why we offer a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with all of our rechargeable toys.”

Nobü is always working on broadening their reach in the industry by expanding their line of intimate play products and accessories.

“One of our biggest accomplishments over the last year was having a couple of our lines picked by Eldorado, and the feedback that we have gotten from their reps and clients has been incredibly validating,” she excites.

This year at Altitude, Nobü will be sharing a new addition to their well-received  “Beasties” line: the vibrating fantasy dong, “Tiki.”

“Over the last year, we’ve noticed an overwhelming demand for fantasy products in the adult toy industry, which is why we’ve probably seen such immense success with the launch of our Nobü ‘Beasties’ line,” says Fosty. “From giant tentacle dongs to other toe-curling creations, these fantasy novelties are not only taking over retail shops, but are appearing more and more in adult content; however most of them are non-vibrating in nature. That’s where our Tiki comes in. Made with medical grade silicone, the Tiki is a rechargeable, vibrating fantasy dong equipped with 10 unique vibration programs. Waterproof, harness-compatible and made with an extra strong suction cup base, the Tiki offers all the versatility of a classic, vibrating dong, but disguised as a fun, whimsical sea-creature, making it a must-see at this year’s Altitude show.”

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