Male Power and Lust make bondage beautiful. They have just added enticing accessories to their PU Leather lines, bringing fetishwear to new heights of eroticism.


The new unisex bondage toys include collars, leashes, wrist and ankle cuffs, paddles, mouth gags and masks. Six new adornments are offered, including a seven-piece Lite Bondage Set, a veritable toolbox of titillation.

The new PU leather embellishments are made from polyurethane coated split leather, assuring strength and durability. The cuffs are fully adjustable to fit all body types and contain faux fur linings that provide cushioned comfort when secured.

These accessories are sold in new, unisex packaging Love& Bondage. They are extensively pictured and described in both the Male Power and Lust PU Leather 2022 catalogs.

Check out Male Power and Lust PU Leather Accessories – the hardware of hedonism.




Marybeth Onken