• 1,400 Satisfyer devices given away to help enable long-distance couples pleasure
  • 700 couples from five countries received a pair of either Satisfyer Curvy 2+ and/or Satisfyer Royal One
  • Couples’ submissions provide exciting insights into long-distance relationships in 2020/21

Many love birds had to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day without their beloved partners. Satisfyer launched a global campaign around this special day to bring these couples closer together—700 couples were able to enjoy the Satisfyer Curvy 2+, with award-winning Air-pulse technology, and the Satisfyer Royal One, a penis ring that provides long-lasting pleasure. By offering these product options, Satisfyer holds true to their gender inclusive mission. To participate in Satisfyer’s Valentine’s Day giveaway, couples applied via an anonymous survey on the Satisfyer website, providing insights into their long-distance relationships and preferences for intimate lifestyle products.

Through the gift campaign, 1,400 products have been given away to couples in five countries: France, the UK, Portugal, Spain and the US. In addition, the partner recipients are spread across other countries such as Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and Canada, reaching people across many borders. Thanks to the sensual stimulations available through the Satisfyer Connect app, which makes it possible to share pleasure despite distance, higher levels of intimacy were achieved. The success of the campaign includes more than 2,000 people willing to share their stories on Satisfyer’s social media channels. 

Entries from couples around the world provides insight into long-distance relationships 

Over 2,600 responses were received throughout the duration of the survey, which provided remarkable insights into the desires and needs of long-distance relationships. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder… “My boyfriend and I find each other insanely attractive and are very passionate. Unfortunately, our jobs require us to live in separate houses during the week. But on weekends we let it rip,” reads one of the submissions. Moreover, the survey reveals that lack of closeness due to the pandemic, can gnaw at the psyche: “Between lockdown and mental impairment, sex has been a challenge. In a world where touch is currently unattainable, shared pleasure can still bring us together.” Though the pandemic has made this an even greater issue, couples have always been looking for better virtual sex options – according to an online survey[1] of nearly 2,040 US adults, commissioned by Satisfyer last year, one in three adults (34%) wanted a better way to connect with partners for virtual sex.

Building bridges with Satisfyer Connect

The innovative app, Satisfyer Connect, provides an excellent solution for socially distant relationships and the like, enabling people to ‘feel’ each other again over any distance. Both the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ and the Satisfyer Royal One are compatible with the free app, which can be used to control up to five devices at once using Bluetooth to connect anyone across the globe. With the swipe of a finger, the Satisfyer devices of the users’ partners can be controlled live, including messaging as well as video or audio chat. Satisfyer’s Valentine’s Day campaign showed that this approach to sexual wellness can enable people to explore their sensuality and get back together – whether together or apart.

[1] conducted by Harris Poll