Holiday Products has announced they have begun shipping the highly-anticipated Coochy ULTRA Collection by Classic Brands.

Whether you shave, wax, laser, or choose to go au naturel, Coochy ULTRA is a simple haircare routine specifically formulated to soothe and smooth skin, prevent irritation, and help soften hair regrowth so you look and feel fabulous from head to toe.

“This new collection from the folks who make Coochy – (everyone’s fave shave cream!)  – was one of the standout hits of the recent Altitude Show,” says Senior Account Manager & Product Specialist Molly Romeo.

Adds Sales & Operations Manager Veronica Garcia, “I love that there is now a Coochy to help with coarse hair. In addition to our customers wanting a solution for this situation, I myself have been asking for a product line just like this.”

All Coochy products are made to hydrate skin, soften hair, help eliminate razor burn and reduce appearance of unpleasant ingrown hair. The ULTRA collection, however, provides comfort and care for coarser pubic hair and sensitive skin that requires extra protection and hydration.

The Coochy ULTRA Collection covers all the bases:

Gogo Coco Ultra Smoothing Body Scrub smooths and polishes skin for a radiant resurfacing.

Gogo Coco Ultra Hydrating Shave Cream is an ultra-hydrating shave cream that soothes and protects the skin for fewer ingrown hair, bumps, and irritations.

Lime Yours Ultra Soothing Ingrown Hair Oil targets ingrown hairs and red bumps for soft and smooth looking skin.

Gogo Coco Ultra Silky Body Lotion is hydrating all-over body lotion that softens hair regrowth and hydrates skin for a silky-smooth finish.

To learn more about the Coochy ULTRA collection, Coochy products, or Classic Brands, you can contact a Holiday Account Manager at 800-266-5969, visit, or email

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