Pleasure Products Distributor Holiday Products is pleased to announce they are now shipping Shunga’s revamped Kissable Massage Powder.

One of SHUNGA’s first-ever released products, Kissable Massage Powder was previously offered as Sweet Snow Edible Body Powder in a black tin. This rebranded presentation features beautifully colored boxes that match the four fruity flavors. The eye-catching box contains a colored feather tickler adorned with a delicate black ribbon embroidered with the golden SHUNGA logo. The 2.65 oz of powder is stored in a transparent container equipped with a sifter for a great controlled pour, enhancing the playful experience by making it mess-free.

To highlight the numerous uses of the product, the revamped version is now named Kissable Massage Powder. Linda McLean, Sales Representative for Shunga, explains, “We wanted to ensure the consumer understands all the possibilities that this product offers. It can be used for a soothing dry massage, sprinkled in the bedsheets for a moist-free love session, enjoyed as a sweet desert on your partner, or even used as a daily drying powder to keep the body cool and dry. The possibilities are endless!’’

The Sparkling Strawberry Wine and Raspberry Feeling flavors will continue to be offered in the new packaging, while two new exotic aromas sure to please everyone’s tastes buds are making their debut: Coconut Thrills and Luscious Mango.

Susanna Molina, Holiday’s Director of Purchasing,  adds, “These improvements are aligned with Shunga’s vision of actualizing the look and feel of the brand throughout its line of products. In addition to quality of the mouthwatering multi-use powder, the giftable appeal of the new packaging now becomes a major selling point.”

To learn more about Kissable Massage Powder or the Shunga product range, contact your Account Manager at 800-266-5969, or email or visit

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