Holiday Products has announced they are now shipping the BESO collection of pressure wave stimulators by Voodoo Toys.

Using the power of pressure waves, air circulation, and suction, the Besos deliver an intensely pleasurable sensation designed to work by stimulating the entire clitoris, not just the external part you can see and touch. The result is quick and often multiple moments of satisfaction.

The Beso Collection currently includes three styles, each available in two colors:

  • Beso XOXO offers pressure wave stimulation in a petite package.
    • VT2796 Black
    • VT2789 Pink
  • Beso Plus features an ergonomic body style that provides internal vibrations in addition to the pulsing pressure waves.
    • VT2765 Pink
    • VT2758 Purple
  • Beso G combines internal vibration and an adjustable pressure wave clitoral stimulator, then adds in a self-warming feature to take satisfaction over the top.
    • VT2819 Black
    • VT2802 Pink

“Our new Beso Collection is such a great addition to any store,” says Danielle Seerley, Senior Sales Executive for Voodoo Toys. She goes on to explain, “Suction is a HUGE category right now, and our 3 different styles have something for everyone. The price points make these products accessible to a wider audience, which is one of Voodoo’s core beliefs. Pleasure Products should be high quality, accessible, and affordable for everyone.”

Holiday Products’ Sales & Operations Manager Veronica Garcia adds, “The Beso collection is designed to be inclusive of all bodies, so customers can find the perfect product that uniquely fits their style. The glam details make them a gorgeous addition to any nightstand or toy collection.”

To learn more about the Beso collection or Voodoo Toys, contact your Account Manager at 800-266-5969, or email or visit

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