Honey’s Place is now shipping hünkyjunk, the newest line from industry favorite Oxballs. A new mainstream-targeted take on men’s sex toys, hünkyjunk is the result of a collaboration between Oxballs and a Reykjavik-based designer who together created a bold and functional line of penis-centric sex toys made with quality materials and a modern audience in mind.

Honey’s Place now carries 12 unique hünkyjunk designs:

  • COG 2-size 2-pack C-rings
  • LOCKDOWN Cage Chastity
  • SLINGSHOT 3-ring Teardrop Sling
  • CLUTCH Cock and Ball Sling
  • SWELL Adjustfit Cocksheath
  • RIPPLE Asslock
  • HUJ C-ring
  • HUJ3 C-ring 3-pack
  • DUO Linked Cock and Ball Rings
  • ELONG Wide Base Nipsucker
  • FIT Ergo Long-wear C-ring

“We are thrilled to add hünkyjunk to our catalog; Oxballs really understands its end users and puts so much effort into their design and production processes,” Honey’s Place President and CEO Bonnie Feingold said. “We love the concept and the selection – the team took some of Oxballs’ best sellers and added elevated elements to make them even better, and that’s the origin of every hünkyjunk product. We look forward to bringing these new products for men to our loyal customers.”

Made of plus+silicone, a TPR/silicone blend (excluding ELONG nipsuckers), hünkyjunk has a velvety rubbery feel with impressive strength, durability and stretch. Created for consumers with attention to detail and a preference for clear function, great design, and quality construction, this new line gives retailers something special for the men’s section.

“Hünkyjunk feels fresh and we’re extremely excited about its arrival,” said Ryan Fraga, Oxballs’ Director of Sales & Marketing. “The combination of Euro-simplicity with the quality and weight we provide in our designs and materials makes hünkyjunk a bold new offering for men’s toys. The clean graphics, simplicity of message, and bright colors grab attention and focus the consumer’s eye when merchandised on a wall.  We’ve brought style to men’s sex toys with hünkyjunk.”

“We love Honey’s Place because of their powerful and focused sales team,” Fraga said. “Their commitment to understanding products and benefits creates amazing service for retailers, which is truly needed to support niche product ranges like Oxballs and hünkyjunk. The Honey’s Place team is always curious about how products work; they really want to know and understand what they’re selling.”

Hünkyjunk’s clamshell packaging features information on how to wear or use the product inside and includes an information-packed booklet with pictures, care info, and an introduction to hünkyjunk. MSRPs for hünkyjunk items range from $6 to $72.

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