Industry veteran Gracie Obadele lost her battle to cancer after a long and valiant effort to beat the horrific disease on Saturday, June 27, 2020. She was 48.

In her 22 years in the wholesale distribution sector of the pleasure product industry, Senior Account Manager Gracie Obadele found that the most rewarding part of her job was the great people she connected with, including customers, coworkers, and manufacturer reps.

Her motto of “Be the best you, you know how to be and stay positive!” is part of what she was known and loved for industry-wide.

Holiday Products broke the news of her passing via Facebook and Instagram.

“It is with profound sadness and grief that we inform our industry friends and colleagues of the passing of our beloved Gracie Obadele. For those of you who had no idea, you are not alone,” Holiday Products’ president Ken Sahn said. “ Gracie did not want to burden the industry with her issues.  Gracie fought hard and worked to the very end.  Her loveliness and character, along with the ability to work at home, helped camouflage just how serious everything had become.

“Gracie was so much more than an employee and co-worker to all of us,” Sahn continued. “She has been with me for over 20 years, and life-long friends with fellow senior account manager Angela Blackmon, serving as a second mom to Angela’s kids.  And although her heart was always in Detroit and the cold and the Lions, she loved being at Holiday for the last 10 years.”

“I’m not sure what life will be like without Gracie, 37 years is a long time to call someone friend,” said Blackmon. “We were more than that, we are family.”

Senior account manager Molly Romeo added, “Those who knew her fell under her effortless charm spell within minutes of meeting her. That smile could instantly light up the darkest space.  She was just the cutest and kindest and most caring and strongest person.  I feel like I am a better person for knowing her.”

Sales and Operations Manager Veronica Garcia says, “We know we speak for everyone that knew her and loved her just how much she will be missed,” says sales and operations manager Veronica Garcia. “‘Grace’ was the perfect name for this most gentle, beautiful soul.  We at Holiday and WTFN are at a total loss.”

As of this writing, plans for honoring Gracie’s life have not been set.