Williams Trading Co., is pleased to announce the addition of the INTIMINA intimate care line from LELO. The INTIMINA product range covers two essential areas of intimate care: Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Menstrual Care. 

The Pelvic Floor Strengthening line is designed to help women prevent and overcome pelvic floor disorders, as well as tone and tighten their intimate area.  

The Menstrual Care line, the first of its kind, is a line of products that offer those born with vulvas the confidence, hygiene and comfort that is needed during a period. 

“Health and Wellness products typically found in mainstream retailers are beginning to gain a foothold within the adult store marketplace. We have seen very positive sales results in these categories with menstrual cups, kegel training sets and dilators,” says Scott D, the Sales and Marketing Director at Williams Trading Co.

Williams Trading Co will offer six different menstrual cups, two Kegel Smart trainers, a personal moisturizer, and an accessory cleaner – all under the INTIMINA brand: 

INTIMINA Kegel Smart (NET)
INTIMINA Laselle Exerciser 28g Small Weighted Ball (NET)
INTIMINA Feminine Moisturizer 2.5 ounces (NET)
INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact A (NET)
INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact B (NET)
INTIMINA Accessory Cleaner (NET) 

This new INTIMINIA product line is available for wholesale shipment to adult dealers, and supported through the Williams Trading data feed for all approved dropship e-commerce partners. 

Design Process & Product Lifecycle – All INTIMINA products are designed with longevity in mind. Without sacrificing performance or value, our designers and engineers are constantly looking for better ways to improve the way we work. 

Social Responsibility – INTIMINA has joined the global initiative in designing to make a difference, to create products that have a significantly reduced impact on the environment. 

Responsible Manufacturing – INTIMINA’s manufacturing arm has refined its processes to reduce usage of materials, energy, and water, and to minimize CO2 output. 

Waste Reduction – INTIMINA products are WEEE-compliant (meeting collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods.) 

For more information and to place orders, call a Williams Trading Co. Sales Representative at 800-423-8587, or visit www.williamstradingco.com.

For drop shipment and e-commerce support please visit https://dropship.williamstradingco.com/.