Katy Perry’s sexy music video for her new single, “Woman’s World” — in which she unapologetically holds the Womanizer Premium 2, is a bold declaration of women’s self-empowerment and sexual liberation. According to this new video, it’s time to embrace everything that celebrates the power of women — including the bestselling Womanizer sex toy that delivers Pleasure Air Technology.

Womanizer is the leading brand of women’s sex toys, encouraging women around the world to explore their sexuality and liberate their self-pleasure. Womanizer’s ongoing mission is to crush the social stigma that often surrounds the subject of women’s masturbation. In Perry’s new video, the pop icon wears the Womanizer Premium 2 on her tool belt, reclaiming her sexuality on her own terms, aligning with Womanizer’s pioneering discussions around women’s self-pleasure for the last 10 years.

An American Idol — and icon 

Catapulted to fame for her 2008 song, “I Kissed A Girl,” Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and former judge on American Idol who is famous for encouraging her fans to explore their sexual desires beyond heteronormative expectations. Perry’s positive sexual self-expression and own sexual fluidity is perfectly aligned with the Womanizer brand mission.

“We are so excited to see our flagship Womanizer product, the Premium 2, being featured in Katy Perry’s new music video. This song not only celebrates women in all of their different roles and life stages, but also empowers them to live their lives the way that they want to live them, no matter what that looks like. Womanizer’s mission is to empower women to embark on their own journey of discovering pleasure and sexuality without social stigma,” explains Stephanie Keating, Director Sales & Marketing North America at Womanizer.

Womanizer continues to work to close masturbation gap 

A 2024 survey conducted by Womanizer and the Kinsey Institute shows that on average, American men masturbate 9 times per month, whereas women only masturbate 4 times per month. By having an orgasm-guaranteed sex toy front and center in the “Woman’s World” video, Womanizer hopes that this orgasm gap will lessen as more women discover their pathways to pleasure.

The Premium 2 is a best-seller that utilizes the patented Pleasure Air Technology, 14 different intensity levels, and an Autopilot 2.0 feature that allows users to relinquish control and let the toy pleasurably toggle between intensity levels.

About Womanizer

Womanizer develops high-quality pleasure products for your love life. Founded in 2014 with the invention of the patented Pleasure Air Technology, Womanizer is now an internationally recognized brand with offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, Ottawa, and Shanghai. Nearly 7 million people in over 90 countries have already purchased a Womanizer. With the global #IMasturbate campaign, the brand is committed to destigmatizing masturbation and sexuality and thrives for an open, shame-free dialogue about sex, because every person deserves a sexually fulfilled life. Womanizer is, like Arcwave and We-Vibe, a brand of the Lovehoney Group.