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With the coronavirus affecting so many businesses, industry veteran and Williams Trading brand ambassador Paul Reutershan found a way to keep the adult industry connected and engaged.

Creating the Facebook group Pleasure Professionals Place earlier this week, Reutershan invited all industry professionals to join, be they distributors, manufacturers, or retailers. The purpose of the group is to allow industry professionals to stay connected, discuss various issues, opportunities, business, and trends – but what the group really does is help people keep connected, keep spirits up, and overall promote a sense of togetherness during a very trying time. 

“I came up with the group late last Sunday night. I was looking at different industry groups and didn’t really see one that was available for all facets of people in our business,” says Reutershan. “What a wonderful surprise this has been to get connected with hundreds of industry professionals from so many different arenas. It appears there was a desire for connection during this extraordinary time, and I’m thrilled to be a part of bringing our ‘family’ together.”

In just one week, the group has grown to over 700 members, and has been a great way for both veterans and newbies in the industry to connect with one another. Posts range from business questions to memes, to fun discussions to meanderings down memory lane. 

The Pleasure Professionals Place group is not just a great way to connect and network with industry professionals, though that is definitely a plus; there is a spirit of camaraderie that has sprung to life in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and members are coming together in a way that makes it clear why the adult pleasure products industry is so enduring. 

To join the group, simply log on to Facebook and either search for Pleasure Professionals Place, or click on the link below:

Pleasure Professionals Place Facebook Group

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