Award-winning sex tech manufacturer Lora DiCarlo has named The Love Piece Club/Ajuma as its exclusive Japanese distribution partner. Lora DiCarlo’s range of biomimetic products are now available in 27 countries to date.

Founded by Minori Kitahara in 1996, The Love Piece Club was the first woman-owned pleasure products store to open in Japan. Kitahara’s intentional approach to product curation focuses on empowering a primarily femme-centric demographic to explore sexuality without shame.

Kitihara noted, “as a company that aligns with feminist values, we are very proud to distribute LoraDiCarlo’s products. We share the same vision of inspiring individuals to approach sexual wellness as a lifestyle.”

With over 25 years of experience within the sexual wellness space, Kitahara’s empire has evolved into a vertically-integrated business model which includes e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and pleasure product distribution. Additionally, Kitahara is an activist for women’s rights initiatives, and an advocate for female-identifying victims of sexual trauma.

Michelle Harris, Global Wholesale Director for Lora DiCarlo, said that the team is pleased with the recent partnership.

“We are thrilled to expand Lora DiCarlo’s international presence and extend our product offerings into the Japanese market,” says Harris. “We feel very honored to partner with Minori and her team, as we know they are equally invested in the mission to destigmatize taboos surrounding human sexuality and pleasure.”

The femtech manufacturer plans to expand its selection of biomimetic products in March with a range of thermal polymer warming vibrators designed for all genders.

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