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It is a fact that the world is perpetually changing, with new discoveries happening each day which change the way people view the world. One of the most effective ways of dealing with change is through ongoing learning.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney understands that learning is a vital tool for personal and business growth. So, they have been dedicating an hour of company time each week to complete a Learning Hour, which quite simply means they are encouraging teams to stop work and take some time out for personal learning.

That might mean reading an educational book or magazine, researching a topic online or watching a TED Talk or Youtube clip. The decision is left to the individual.

Additionally to independent learning, the company has been offering ‘takeover’ sessions, where the teams are asked to focus on specific topics, such as Unconscious Bias, utilising the learning documents provided.

Sales Executive at Lovehoney, Jade Bawa, shares five reasons why setting aside time for learning at work is paramount for personal and company growth.

  1. More knowledgeable employees

Learning hours are likely to develop employee knowledge and skills they may not have acquired otherwise. This will result in increased business efficiency, as there will be more in-house expertise available.

  1. Helps the company to remain relevant

Continuing with learning throughout your career keeps you up-to-date with advances and changes in new technology, meaning you will adapt better as innovation changes ways of working. Employees will stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape, as the economy evolves and technology improves.

  1. Improves innovation

Having the mindset that you can never know enough and are always questioning yourself is crucial for staying innovative. Approaching the world with this ‘beginner’s mindset’ means we look for ways to give ourselves a fresh perspective. You subsequently open your mind to new things and become more willing to entertain new ideas.

  1. Changes your perspective

Learning enables us to form critical awareness and a new perspective for important issues at hand. Our recent Unconscious Bias training session, for instance, lit up crucial conversations on the topic and opened our eyes up as a company on ways we can be improving, in order to stamp out bias in the workplace.

  1. Reinforces the overall company culture

A learning culture is instilled when a business puts a strong emphasis on encouraging its employees to understand its values, practices and beliefs. This empowers staff to obtain the knowledge and abilities needed to perform at their best, better satisfy your customers, and help your business to grow.

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