Nalpac EDU offers expert advice in up-selling lingerie sales this Valentine’s Day season.

(Note: This story appears in the December 2023 issue of SE Magazine

Lingerie is a very popular purchase during Valentine’s season. Putting together a hot look is almost a necessity for partners looking to make a memorable Valentine’s Day. Shopping for sexy outfits presents an opportunity not only to fulfill that fantasy look, but to amplify that fantasy with appropriately paired pleasure products. Here are a few suggestions of toys and styles to recommend to lingerie shoppers this Valentine’s Day season.

Tasty evenings with flavored lubes 

Lingerie is a celebration of the body and Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate it to its fullest with passionate oral sex. Flavored lube is not only a means to explore a partner’s body in a fun and exciting way, but a low-cost, low-risk purchase for shoppers new to pleasure products. Flavored lubes like System JO’s wide selection, Swiss Navy’s multipurpose 4-in-1 Playful Flavors or Wicked Sensual Care Simply’s stevia-flavored Simply Flavors are easy add-ons to Valentine’s lingerie purchases.

Get physically intimate with massage oils

The gift of a sensual massage is another popular form of foreplay on Valentine’s Day. Giving a full-body massage in a sexy outfit or revealing it bit by bit during massage only increases the excitement. Aromatic massage oils, like Relax from Intimate Earth or Tranquility from Sliquid, help set the mood with subtle scents, or 3-in-1 Massage Candles from Earthly Body help set the atmosphere even before play.

Intensify the experience with BDSM   

For partners who want to make Valentine’s Day sex memorable, dabbling in BDSM is a sure way to intensify the experience. Whether buyers want to be a gift themselves, dressed in a sexy outfit and tied up to be enjoyed, or empowered by their daring look, ready to dominate their partner, lingerie and BDSM go hand in hand. An Introductory Bondage Kit from Shots Ouch covers multiple genres of play in one box for newcomers. Restraints with a strong look, like the holographic Cosmo line from NS Novelties or Sincerely, Amber collection can provide an extra splash of color. Some lingerie lines, like the Pleasure collection from Coquette, have matching impact play toys, making a set too good to pass up.

Products that help couples vibe

Intimate times like Valentine’s Day call for shared experiences, and what’s a better experienced shared than stimulation from the same vibrator? Just like lingerie can make sex feel more special, couples vibes can enhance the connection between two partners with shared vibrations. Wearable vibrators like the We-Vibe Sync or Blush Wellness Duo stimulate both partners during penetrative sex. Double-ended toys like the Together Toy or Evolved Our Gyro Vibe mirror vibrations or rotations on each side at the same time. These two-person toys back up the anticipation that lingerie arouses with the heightened connection of shared sensations.

The anticipation of Valentine’s Day arouses excitement to try new things. Valentine’s lingerie shoppers are eager to make the holiday memorable, and suggestions of these additions will not only be met with curiosity, but enthusiastic purchases.

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