Cloud 9 Novelties is pleased to announce the addition of a new training module on Williams Trading University, the free e-learning platform offered by Williams Trading Co. exclusively to existing and new accounts. 

Within this module, Cloud 9 introduces students to the features and functions of the Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro and the Cloud 9 Sex Machine Pro 3 through a short presentation that also includes video clips of both machines. Watching the F-Slider Pro and Sex Machine Pro 3 in action increases learners’ knowledge of how both of these products work. 

Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro Heavy Duty Self Pleasuring Chair (NET)


The non-motorized F-Slider Pro employs the natural body movement of the user, making the F-Slider Pro completely silent. 

An ergonomically-contoured handle controls the thrusting movement of the attached dildo; combined with the body’s rocking motion, the user determines the speed and depth of their ride.

The F-depth adjustment at the base of the control handle has three levels so users can customize the penetration depth with a simple twist of a knob.

“This new generation of the Cloud 9 F-Slider has been totally upgraded with a steel framework (rated up to 400LB capacity), bonus accessory kit, and brick and mortar packaging for retail stores,” says Scott D., director of sales and marketing. The Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro also features a newly-enhanced thigh cushion for further comfort to the user. 

The Cloud 9 Novelties F-Slider Pro is Vac-U-Lock compatible, but users can also use dildos with suction-cup bases as well, making the F-Slider Pro very versatile. 

Cloud 9 Novelties also includes a Bonus Kit valued at $100 with the F-Slider Pro. Within this kit, customers will find a Vac-U-Lock adaptor, a Universal Dildo Mount, a 7” dildo, and a storage cover. Customers will also have an access pass to two free HD Streaming videos when they register their F-Slider Pro.

Cloud 9 Pro III Sex Machine (NET)


Like the F-Slider Pro, the Sex Machine Pro 3 features improvements over previous models. Rich P., vice president of sales, details some of these new features:

“The Sex Machine Pro has been upgraded with several features including suction cup legs for stability, and a bonus accessory kit. This machine is a five-star consumer-rated Sex Machine that is now repriced with a $399 MAP Pricing,” says Rich P., vice president of sales Williams Trading Co.

Along with suction cups on the feet, which prevents “walking” even when the machine is turned up to its highest setting, the legs are now one piece of powder-coated steel, which saves users set-up time.

The F-Machine Pro 3 also features a fully variable wired remote control, allowing users to adjust thrusting speed easily, and the motor itself is silent and long-lasting. 

The front and rear legs of the F-Machine Pro 3 are fully adjustable, allowing users to set up the machine in five different positions, but the variety of angles achieve allows for a truly customizable experience. 

The Cloud 9 Sex Machine Pro 3 comes with a bonus kit valued at $100. Customers will receive the Flex-Extension Dildo Spring attachment, a 7” dildo that is Vac-U-Lock compatible, a Vac-U-Lock adaptor, and a Universal Dildo adaptor.

Learners will be reminded to recommend add-on purchases to customers, in the form of condoms, Cloud 9 Novelties lubricants and toy cleaners, and Cloud 9 dildos. 

At the end of this training module, students will be directed to take a short quiz, and upon passing, will receive their certification in this course. Students may then download or print out their certification for their records. 

Both the F-Slider Pro and the Sex Machine Pro 3 are MAP restricted. All e-commerce accounts require approval for this MAP listed product by Cloud 9 Novelties. 

The Cloud 9 Novelties product line is exclusively supported in the brick and mortar channel with the following distribution partners:  Williams Trading Co. and National Video Supply. Both distribution partners will also offer drop shop services for approved “e-commerce” dealers.  The Cloud 9 Novelties Sex Machine Pro will be MAP retail pricing controlled for all e-commerce dealers. 

For ordering info and wholesale pricing, please contact:

National Video Supply

800 586 1915

Williams Trading Co.

800 423 8587