Award-winning pleasure products manufacturer, Nu Sensuelle, re-envisions the bullet category with the launch of the Aluminium available now.

Made from aluminium—with a rainbow ombre finish—and programmed with the newly-developed 60SX AMP proprietary motor, the Aluminium products are ideal for the trend-driven user who seeks industry-quaking power. The Aluminium features 12 increasingly powerful vibration intensities that provide users with a deep, rumbly gyration sensation—unique to other motors on the market. The product’s aluminium composition ensures that the intensity of the specially engineered motor withstands being dampened and delivers mind-blowing vibrations.

Nu Sensuelle is committed to continually innovating. Co-owner and lead product designer for Nu Sensuelle, Thao Luu-Brinberg, developed this toy with the intent of providing users with a new sensory experience. “We make it our mission to discover products that have never been done before. Everyone has different body types and needs when it comes to finding the right toy. Some peoples’ favorite toy doesn’t even exist yet! I developed the Aluminium bullets to ensure that there is a product for everyone on the market,” explains Thao.

Although it is evident that the company’s products can turn on the power, they can also turn up the heat, as the Aluminium’s recognizable power is complemented by its gentle warming feature. The first product within the industry to combine aluminium and heat, the Aluminium products allow for an additional element of versatility by programming both its vibration and warming features to operate independently. Users can choose to apply heat and vibration simultaneously, or experience either sensation individually, for a more tailored experience.

Further maximizing the product’s versatility, the Aluminium is available in three distinct physiques. For users with an affinity for Nu Sensuelle’s Point Bullet, the Aluminium Point’s minimalistic figure was inspired by the company’s best-selling product—while the Aluminium 60SX AMP Bullet introduces users to a brand-new hourglass silhouette. The Aluminium Rumba Bullet, also available for purchase, sports a cylindrical shape that packs two motors—catered towards true power users. These rechargeable, water-submersible and body-safe products are perfect for the experienced user yearning to discover their new-found love.