Boundless by CalExotics is an all-inclusive collection that boasts product-focused packaging, ensuring that any user can envision themselves enjoying its pleasures.

(Note: This story appears in the April 2023 issue of SE Magazine)

Over the past 29 years, CalExotics has been identifiable by customers, retailers and distributors alike as a foremother in the progression of sexual exploration. Susan Colvin, the founder of CalExotics, instituted the intent to share in the pleasure market, which she recalls as “male-dominated in almost every aspect of the business, including product selection, retail employees and executive industry professionals.”

CalExotics began its mission simply crafting products with a clit in mind, and in multiple color options. According to Colvin, the market responded favorably to what CalExotics was offering. And because inclusivity was at the core of CalExotics since inception, it became apparent that they should do more. So the company evolved, as did the industry. The product selection swelled to include all sexual preferences and orientations. The makeup of the retail environment and executive industry professionals also began to change, according to Colvin.

As a manufacturer attuned to the progress, CalExotics developed thousands of SKUs to meet the needs of the expanding adult market. In 2014, CalExotics partnered with COLT, the legendary all-male erotic studio, to create one of the first lines of products specifically targeted toward gay men.

“It has been incredible to be a part of,” says Colvin. “As I look at the overall industry and pleasure products market today, I am incredibly proud. We still have work to do, but we’ve put in so much effort thus far and will continue to work together as our diverse, ever-changing industry moves forward.”

Boundless continues to evolve

CalExotics’ Boundless collection was released in the fall of 2020, and spans gender, identity and sexual orientation to include all people. Whoever you are, “if you are searching for pleasure, you can find it within Boundless,” says Colvin.

The design is an all-inclusive collection of “products without limits” – that is, no limits on the product selection or the customer base. For retailers, the packaging promotes the message of the Boundless collection, so consumers can determine the product easily; however, you will notice that there are no models pictured on the packaging. This is in support of the intent that Boundless is for everyone. By emphasizing a product-focused packaging, any user can envision themselves with the product. In addition, CalExotics has added a variety of pronouns and gender expressions to the packaging to reinforce Unlimited Possibilities for Everyone.

“The idea of Unlimited Possibilities for Everyone is intriguing,” says Colvin. “It will have customers wanting to know more. When they see everything Boundless has to offer, they are sure to find something that will please them.”

The Boundless collection abundantly includes over 55 items in various product categories with many of the products being designed to be used in partnership.

“Complementary products are a great way to up-sell and cross-sell, allowing retailers to maximize the value of each purchase,” Colvin adds.

The probes and harnesses are exemplary of the Boundless collection’s intra-compatibility. Users have their choice of harnesses to be paired with their desired probe style and size. Whichever they choose, every harness has a double-panel interior for easy access and a guarantee that the probe stays securely in place.

The fetish items likewise complement each other. No matter their fetish, users can indulge their dominant or submissive side with these products. An entire BDSM scene is possible amongst what the Boundless Fetish collection has to offer.

CalExotics suggests, “Start with the Bed Restraint for some restraint play. Add in the Blackout Eye Mask to heighten sensitivity as you restrict sight. Top it off with the Trio Pleasure Wheel for teasing pleasure.”

The versatile Boundless Bed Restraint is one of Boundless’ best-selling styles. The comfortable fit of this restraint system invites infinite possibilities. The sturdy tethers and cuffs are fully-adjustable to accommodate every desire, though some bondage-enthusiasts are more drawn to the Boundless Rope, another best-seller. This multi-purpose rope is soft and comfortable against the skin while still offering a solid hold. It is 32.75 feet long for unlimited rope play.

The Boundless Silicone Pegging kit is one of the newest Boundless offerings, which has quickly become a hot product. The pegging kit supplies everything a user could need for a sensational pegging experience, including three probes, three graduated rings and a universal harness. Each piece is adjustable or interchangeable to encourage play at all levels.

The many product selections of Boundless can be merchandised individually by product type. But a Boundless Fetish section within a store’s already-established fetish section makes a worthy impact, because the thoughtful packaging invites the attention of every curious shopper. A Boundless section is guaranteed to make a statement and can act almost as a store-in-store.

“Boundless is versatile in that it can be merchandised in a variety of ways,” says Colvin, noting that while additions to the Boundless collection are ever-in-progress, the response from retailers has been phenomenal. “They’ve loved the products and packaging’s inclusive nature, and continue to ask for more.”

And “more” is what CalExotics has delivered. The collection began with probes and harnesses, then grew to include BDSM accessories and strokers. Already in 2023, CalExotics has added new plugs, BDSM accessories and a USB rechargeable stroker to the Boundless assortment. Many of the recent products have already hit retail shelves and are quickly becoming customer favorites, reports Colvin.

Reaching uncharted territories

CalExotics began with a vision to design and inspire products for people looking to enhance their lives. The woman-led pleasure product company labors over its product selection in response to the needs of people from all walks of life, all sexual preferences and orientations and all genders and identities. In addition to what CalExotics offers materially, its inclusivity is an aspect of its price points, as well — products in every price range please its vast customer base.

As is evidenced in all that they offer, CalExotics is a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. An advocate for change and a benefactor, CalExotics celebrates and supports Pride across the globe, whether it is in-store events, parades, education or philanthropy.

The company also supports the LGBTQIA+ community through charitable giving. Living With Change is one organization CalExotics has supported since its inception. Living With Change is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting transgender youth and their families by providing education, resources, advocacy, and support while fostering confidence and acceptance through change, according to Colvin.

“We believe the efforts of Living With Change toward inclusivity and acceptance are vital, and we are incredibly proud to support them,” comments Colvin.

In addition to the work they do year-round, Colvin shares that customers can look forward to Pride month in June from CalExotics, in which the company transforms their web homepage to focus on various collections that encompass the meaning of Pride, which, Colvin notes, “will certainly include the Boundless collection!”

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