(Note: This story appears in the February 2022 issue of SE Magazine)

Signature Dolls from Doc Johnson finally offers pleasure product customers something they’ve been desperately craving: realistic, anatomically-correct trans sex dolls.

Perhaps it’s fitting the last names of Doc Johnson’s talent for its new Signature Dolls are “Moon” and “Mars” because the company is boldly going where many others have sputtered. That talent, Lena Moon and Natalie Mars, are the first faces of Doc Johnson’s Signature Dolls, slated for release in early 2022.

Though this isn’t Doc’s first foray into dolls, these Signature Dolls — sharing the same moniker as Signature Cock and Signature Stroker lines but introduced as a stand-alone product — represent a landmark progression in the world of sex dolls.

“Of course people want trans talent,” says Scott Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Doc Johnson. “As long as we’ve been getting customer feedback, it’s been at the top of the list. It’s an huge market that’s been underserved, and we make an effort to be as diverse and inclusive as we can.”

The Lena Moon and Natalie Mars Signature Dolls are made from the company’s proprietary UltraSkyn material, marketed as “The Most Lifelike Material In The World” while the inner core is ABS. The dolls are full, human-torso sized. They also come with a black, 20-function, lipstick vibrator similar to Doc Johnson’s existing iPlease vibe. The product will also come with a discreet, luxurious suitcase.

The dolls feature a workable, bendable cock as well as a penetrable anal cavity, each boasting a unique internal texture similar to the Signature Stroker or Main Squeeze products the company is already touted for.

Interestingly enough, Lena and Natalie were originally being molded for a Signature Stroker and Signature Cock.

“We molded them for two pieces and then, as we started to create the product, we realized we could do more,” says Watkins. “We saw the chance for a bigger opportunity. To do them and these products justice, we aimed higher. We wanted to be more ambitious.

Ever since Doc Johnson originally announced this partnership with Lena and Natalie, the company’s Twitter feed has been bombarded with activity asking about these groundbreaking molds.

“We had them molded for quite some time and were trying to figure out the best way to represent them and to make toys people want and will use,” Watkins adds. “Our goal was to make a truly unique product.”

“We’ve heard that people have wanted trans talent forever. As long as we’ve been getting customer feedback, it’s an underrepresented market and we do make an effort to be as diverse and inclusive as we possibly can be.” — Scott Watkins

Three-dimensional perfection

Doc Johnson is no stranger to molding and casting talent for its products — again, check out their vast selection of talent-based products — but these Signature Dolls presented a new frontier for the development process.

When molding for a Signature Cock, for example, the body part is placed in a cylinder. But because these products took the whole body into account, Doc Johnson not only took body casts but also utilized 3D scans “to ensure it was as perfectly close to their bodies as possible,” says Watkins, since a cast can still render some bodily imperfections.

“The 3D scan captured every detail — it’s an exact replica,” adds Watkins.

While Lena and Natalie haven’t seen the real-life dolls, they have seen pictures as talent is always kept abreast of product development as well as for final approval.

“We want to make sure our talent is a part of the process,” says Watkins. “They were a part of everything, from naming it to the art. They were very helpful and they’re super excited about the final product.”

Because of the meticulous attention to detail, the Signature Dolls production took longer than a Main Squeeze or Signature Stroker.

“It was a longer process because we are always trying to locate like the best material, the best feel, the best look, the best everything for the product,” says Watkins. “We had to test all new materials; we had to test all new molds. We had to do everything from scratch again. This is something revolutionary. But now that we have a process in place for Signature Dolls, it’ll be a lot faster moving forward.”

We’re thrilled because we’ve been working on these Signature Dolls for so long and figuring out how to proceed for so long, it really is the culmination of years of work…. You really don’t get a sense of how cool and detailed and lifelike these products are until you see them in person. — Watkins

Doc Johnson puts its Signature on new dolls

Main Squeeze, Signature Cock and Signature Stroker are industry mainstays, well known and well loved by customers. So, Signature Dolls are a natural evolution for the company.

“It makes sense to bring something in that’s much bigger and at a much higher price point because people can already trust we’re making products they like, and that are high quality enough that it’s worth spending the money on,” says Watkins.

He explains Doc Johnson’s talent-based products are typically made for fans first. If somebody’s buying a stroker, they are probably buying because of the talent — something aesthetically pleasing about that particular performer/star that arouses the prospective customer.

The team over at Doc Johnson is as excited to unveil these products as the people that have been inundating the company’s social media platforms over the products’ anticipated release.

“We’re thrilled because we’ve been working on these Signature Dolls for so long and figuring out how to proceed for so long, it really is the culmination of years of work,” says Watkins. “People are so excited. We know fans are just sitting and waiting for these Signature Dolls, which is great news for us. I’m thrilled people are finally going to be able to see it. You really don’t get a sense of how cool and detailed and lifelike these products are until you see them in person.”

Being the faces and literal inspiration for a new product segment is not something that is taken lightly. Lena and Natalie were chosen because they are some of the most renown performers in their categories — trans or otherwise.

“They’ve both won a lot of industry awards, so they’re respected by fans and the industry alike,” says Watkins. “They were absolutely amazing to work with.”

Lena and Natalie’s profiles should only surge once their realistic dolls hit retailers’ shelves and stand out from other similar products that may be lacking in anatomical correctness.

“When you look online, a lot of these types of products (sex and/or trans dolls) are just not realistic,” says Watkins. “Signature Dolls are real people, this is talent. The other stuff that’s out there is more fantasy — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, people want what they want — but these products are more real. It’s really their chests, their body parts, their stomach, their belly buttons, etc. And again, we wanted to be respectful of the talent, which is why they contributed so much valuable input.”

As is the case in business, Doc Johnson is already looking ahead to its next iteration of talent-based products.

“We have other talents signed,” says Watkins. “We haven’t decided yet what that’s going to look like, but yes — we are hard at work on the next, great Doc Johnson talent-based products.”

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