ORION Wholesale has been a reliable international erotic trade partner for decades. Not only does the Flensburg company have an extensive bestseller assortment, but it is also well-known for its comprehensive service and customized sales solutions.

Everything revolves around love at ORION Wholesale – with over 15,000 quality-tested items in stock that are reliably available. All the orders usually leave the warehouse in Flensburg within 1-2 working days – from the small orders and pallet orders to the fulfillment. The packaging of the products is more than just a cover because it is a decisive advertising medium that increases the impulse to buy at the Point of Sale – in attractive designs and, of course, in various languages.

Furthermore, ORION Wholesale offers its customers customized promotional material for advertising products at the Point of Sale, e.g. neutral catalogues, leaflets, posters, ellipses, displays, shop counter displays and carrier bags. ORION Wholesale can also completely refurbish its customers shops if required – customized and tailor-made to them. “We make everything possible and have even set up the whole shop decoration for some customers as well”, says Björn Radcke, Head of Sales & Marketing at ORION Wholesale. “Slatwalls are extremely popular because the practical magnetic strips mean that the pictures on the slatwalls can be changed quickly and easily. This means that the design on the wall can be changed individually and in a dynamic way. We design the pictures for the magnetic foils here at ORION in a customized way and according to the customer’s wishes. The customers can put the slatwalls up however they want thanks to the clip-on shelves or hooks”, said Björn Radcke. ORION Wholesale also supplies its customers with magnetic foils that cover entire walls and shop windows.

B2B customers with an online shop also get an all-round package at ORION Wholesale. ORION Wholesale offers its customers lots of attractive promotional material for their digital shop window – from 360° photos and product videos to digital fact sheets. An API interface to the ORION Wholesale online shop means that data and orders can be transferred in seconds.

Further information about ORION Wholesale can be found here: www.orion-wholesale.com, ORION Wholesale can be contacted via E-mail: wholesale@orion.de.