Oxballs has Huj news, we’re proud to announce the launch ofour highly anticipated brand, hünkyjunk, debuting at ANME, X-Biz, and AVN Novelty Expo in January 2019.

Hunkyjunk, or Huj for short, offers a fresh view of men’s toys. Our designs arepurposeful and clean, a modern take on creative and unique toys for men. DesignerStephen Lane: “We were inspired by mid-century style, Euro-clean design, Kraftwerk cover art, and bold saturated colors. Hünkyjunk is Euro slick but USA sturdy.”

A collaboration between Oxballs designers and an amazing Reykjavik based stylist, Hünkyjunk was created to further Oxballs mission of creating sleek, innovative designs for men and from high quality materials. Unlike Oxballs’ kink-heavy, fetish- driven line, hünkyjunk has a less intimidating, more mainstream vibe geared towards all types of men.

Hünkyjunk packaging will grab customers’ attention, the fronts are bold and clean with intense signature hünkyjunk red lacquer — it’s all about the product, whileacross the entire back has hünkyjunk’s Huj-man digital model that shows what and how to wear our toy. There is an info booklet stashed in a pocket in the clamshell with tons of pics and care/material details, including an introduction to hünkyjunk and why the designs are fun to use!

Whether it’s shy newbies curious to try their first ring or seasoned players lookingto add a new sheath or stretcher to their collection, hünkyjunk offers a wide selection of products designed to appeal to all types of men. Hünkyjunk launches as a complete line of 12 unique designs in 26 combinations of SKU color options. Wepicked the 12 most popular men’s item categories that we know will grab attention.Now, retailers will be able to introduce their customers to a brand new fleshed-out line with very little footprint.

“Oxballs offers the best service and support, including next to perfect fill rates and fast ship times. We’re extremely proud to announce the creation of this entirely new line of toys for men, and customers can continue to rely on the Oxballs team’scommitment to amazing service and support with our new brand, hünkyjunk.” – Ryan Fraga, Director of Sales & Operations for Oxballs and hünkyjunk.

Customers can see the full hünkyjunk line in person at the January ANME show in Burbank—CA, the January X-Biz Retreat in Los Angeles—CA, and the January AVN Novelty Expo show in Las Vegas—NV, just look for hünkyjunk’s signature red at our booth.

The company’s new showroom in Chatsworth, CA is also available by appointment to showcase the full range of our products and packaging. For more details on how to add hünkyjunk to you offering, please contact sales@oxballs.com or 818-812- 6643.