OXLUBE lube formulas are as amazing as Oxballs toys—each type has the exact qualities our customers want when they slick up…lube for hard play, lube for toys.

We made lube that has the feel, the cling, the flow our Oxballers crave–and ALL our OXLUBE formulas are compatible with all Oxballs toys, no matter the material–That’s right: even OXLUBE PURE SILICONE formula is safe to use with all OXBALLS platinum silicone toys!

OXLUBE is soft, slick, and high quality–we make it as premium as our products. OXBALLS proudly manufactures our lube in the USA in an FDA rated facility—all are 510(k) compliant.

The packaging: Oxballs is all about color–we do make the coolest colors for our toys, so OXLUBE had to be bright, bold and glossy. The colorful Top-Click easy-squeeze packaging is unmistakably Oxballs. These new lubes stand out on any retailer shelf. The colors will pop on any lube wall in-store and online…the Oxballs brand is one customers want and know. The best toys, the best lubes!

Shipping now: 8.5-ounce, 4.4-ounce and 4ml-singlets.

WATERBASE OXLUBE clings to you or your toys but isn’t gummy or tacky—we made it fluid, lush and juicy.

HYBRID OXLUBE: our formulaOX velvety blend of water+silicone for all types of gear play–even soft Liquid Platinum Silicone toys.

SILICONE OXLUBE: we are so proud of this pure lush SILICONE–max-thick 3-ingredient ultra-rich SILICONE with zero fillers, the best stuff—it’s warm super slick and concentrated—so use sparingly.

Now you can get the best lube for the best toys, OXLUBE. Available from all USA suppliers.