PDX Brands is now shipping a brand new Mega-Masturbator torso from its PDX Plus collection: PDX Plus Perfect Ride. Made from ultra-premium Fanta Flesh and available in brown and light skin tones, this super-stud features chiseled pecs and washboard abs, raised hips for easy anal, and a perfectly poseable 6” cock that stays in place when the action heats up!

With a sturdy flat-bottom base, protruding pelvis, and narrowed easy-to-ride hips, this macho man is made to mount … and to penetrate! The stiff and ready 6” cock features a poseable shaft underneath the soft Fanta Flesh skin, allowing the user to find the perfect angle in any position and hit the right spot every time.

The Perfect Ride weighs over 13 lbs. with a 5” textured closed-ended love tunnel, making it the largest and most satisfying stud on the scene. PDX Brands is focused on improving accessibility for all users by designing products that are safe and easy-to-enjoy, with special emphasis on inclusivity and prime penetration angles for all.

Like all PDX Plus body replicas, the Perfect Ride torso starts from an intricate, hand-sculpted mold, with an extra focus on the correct anatomical placement of the anus. With soft, squishy balls and lifelike skin textures, the proprietary Fanta Flesh TPE is super-soft and mimics the look and feel of real human skin!

Smack it, slap it, suck it, and squeeze it – the hyper-hygienic material wiggles, jiggles, and feels just like the real thing!

All PDX Plus body molds come packaged in sturdy corrugated boxes with convenient carrying handles, making it easy for shoppers to transport them. The beautiful boxes tastefully highlight the realism of the products without explicit imagery or language. The boxes also feature scannable QR-codes so shoppers can watch videos of each torso in action, allowing them to try it before they buy it without an actual tester.

The PDX Plus collection is showcased in a stunning 28 SKU planogram for stores, complete with 3D header sign. Testers are available upon request, please contact your preferred Pipedream Sales Representative for more information or email marketing@pipedreamproducts.com.

Check Out the New Perfect Ride Video: Vimeo Video – PDX Plus Perfect Ride