2ChooseLove will release its newest product to its brand; the LuvSlide at the Berlin XBIZ Retreat August 19-21 and at the Las Vegas ASD Market Show in Las Vegas. The 2ChooseLove brand is the latest in patented sexual wellness products designed to bring a more fulfilling experience to couple’s love making.

“This product is meant to work with the body, contouring internally to deliver a comfortable and fuller, size enhancement experience by providing more girth and length during partnered play, and/or a tighter experience for the male, while worn internally by her, whichever pleasure the couple desires! With a multitude of different options for couples, the LuvSlide provides incredible, unique sensations in a perfectly designed package,” says Lawrence Mark with 2ChooseLove.

This sexual wellness device is made of 100% body-safe silicone, waterproof and featured magnetic charging ports for ease of use. This waterproof product is perfect for both bath and shower play and is easy to clean.

The LuvSlide can be controlled from the product itself, or with the full-function remote control, which allows for hands-free play during use. It’s shaped to fit perfectly against the shaft and has a groove to securely hold a c-ring and attach around the male or floating inside her. It’s IPX7 submersible, it features seven powerful vibration settings that transfer along the bulbed end for perfect G-spot or P-spot stimulation and pleasure for both the wearer and the receiver.

Designed to fit all body types.

“This unique and powerful sexual wellness product was invented with optimal pleasure in mind,” says Mark. “Perfect Dimensions is so excited to share this incredible couple’s product with the world and offer a new way to play and experience an enhanced way of making love!”

Watch the instructional video for the LuvSlide.

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