Give the gift of an added advantage this Valentine’s Day. The most popular Pheromone Parfum on the market is now available in giftable kits. 

Eye of Love pairs enticing fragrances with the highest quality pheromones to enhance the wearer’s biological magnetism. Eye of Love’s most beloved Classic Collection fragrances for her  are now available in travel size kits. They’re the perfect starter set for customers new to the brand, online shops and ideal for gifting. 

Kits of Eye of Loves most popular size, 10ml sprays, are available for women to attract men. 

“Our repeat customers know exactly which fragrance they like and wear it daily,” Jacqui Rubinoff, Eye of Love Vice President, says.  “New and online customers have a hard time choosing between all of our amazing fragrances, so we wanted to make it easy for them.” 

The high-quality product of course remains the same – potent pheromones layered with tantalizing scents – now packaged for maximum sales potential and stock-management ease. Although pheromones are odorless, Eye of Love adds attracting fragrances to enhance the effect and outcome. 

These are Eye of Love’s most popular parfums grouped together to give you an added edge from morning to after dark. MORNING GLOW features a fresh bouquet of ylang ylang, sensual jasmine, citrusy apple blossoms, freesia, and deep purple violets.  Undertones of soft white musk will keep him mesmerized from morning to night. AFTER DARK is a sultry blend of warm jasmine, lily, and creamy sweet white chocolate. Undertones of fresh grapefruit and vanilla drive him crazy with desire deep into the night. ONE LOVE contains a sweet blend of citrusy rose, feminine lily, and sensual jasmine. The aroma of musky vanilla will caress his senses and keep him under your spell. Specially formulated for special occasions to increase the love, romance, and desire with your partner.

Offer your customers the opportunity to enhance their lives with Eye of Love’s unique pheromone formulas. Eye of Love’s long-lasting pheromones increase confidence, compel attraction and enrich any encounter – professional, personal or intimate.