Pipedream Products is now shipping the brand-new Ass-Gasm PRO P-Spot Milker from their Midwest distribution center. The Ass-Gasm PRO P-Spot Milker is the latest innovation from the manufacturer’s flagship Anal Fantasy Elite Ass-Gasm assortment, and features dual high-performance motors designed for rocking prostate pleasure and simultaneous perineum stimulation.

The Ass-Gasm PRO P-spot Milker effortlessly combines wearable, all-day anal stimulation with a powerful, P-spot milking motion–giving users explosive blended ass-gasms and long-lasting erections! The two powerful motors work in harmony to create an intense rocking motion, tugging on the stretchy silicone cock ring with each synchronized movement of the curved P-spot probe. With separate controls for each motor and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery powering the pleasure, this waterproof wonder milks, tugs, jerks, vibrates, and combats ED at the same time!

Made from ultra-hygienic Elite silicone, the Ass-Gasm PRO P-Spot Milker’s cleverly curved tip offers “come hither” massage movements that rock the base back and forth and applies gentle pressure against the perineum. The P-Spot “Milking Action” rhythmically jerks the c-ring and the wearer’s cock simultaneously, delivering rock hard erections and explosive ejaculations!

The Ass-Gasm PRO P-spot Milker is backed by Pipedream’s 1-Year Limited Warranty and available in case counts of 12. The Ass-Gasm PRO P-spot Milker  is the 14th Ass-Gasm in the award-winning collection and includes a magnetic USB charging cord.

Watch the video of the Ass-Gasm PRO P-spot Milker here: https://vimeo.com/682010406

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