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Pipedream Products is now shipping 3Some, the latest innovation from the award-winning pleasure product designer. This exciting line includes unique remote-control vibrators and stimulators equipped with multiple pleasure points, multiple powerful motors, and one-of-a-kind silicone shapes designed to cater to the seasoned sex toy user who is looking to take their pleasure to the next level.

The 3Some collection is powered with seven functions and three speeds, is made using proprietary Elite Silicone, and features multiple individual motors for the most powerful pleasure possible. The splash-proof line includes:

Holey Trinity, an attention-grabbing handheld massager featuring three tongue-like extensions: a longer curved center tongue for G-spot stimulation, a smaller oscillating tongue for clitoral stimulation, and a petite curved tongue for anal stimulation. This product is hand-controlled with easy-access buttons positioned on the handle.

Double Ecstasy, a two-in-one massager featuring a smooth tapered vaginal or anal plug and a leaf-like external stimulator curved for easy access. This rideable design is remote-controlled and great for solo or couples play.

Total Ecstasy, a three-in-one remote-controlled massager for triple titillation boasting a curved G-spot insertable, an external clitoral stimulator, and a smooth anal plug with a tapered tip.

Wall Banger Deluxe, an ample vibrating insertable with a twisty texture, a removable super-strong suction cup base, a convenient positioning strap and a magnetic removable remote. The suction cup creates a waterproof seal and makes the Wall Banger Deluxe completely waterproof when attached.

Wall Banger G, curved vibrating insertable with a slightly bulbous head and bowed shape for effortless G-spot stimulation, a super-strong removable suction cup base, a convenient positioning strap and a magnetic removable remote. The suction cup creates a waterproof seal and makes the Wall Banger G completely waterproof when attached.

Wall Banger Rabbit, an iconic rabbit shape with a bulbous head, flexible external ears, a super-strong removable suction cup base, a convenient positioning strap, and a magnetic removable remote.

Rock N’ Grind, a modern take on a classic rocker boasting a curved insertable for G-spot massage, pleasure ribs for clitoral stimulation, a convenient positioning strap for optimal placement, and a remote control.

Rock N’ Ride, a next-level rocker with a bulbous insertable, an external massager for clitoral massage, a beaded anal plug, a convenient positioning strap, and a remote control for easy use.

“3Some was a huge hit at our recent Customer Appreciation Event and they were even more excited to learn that these products are available and shipping now with the rest of our new lines for 2020,” Pipedream Products chief design officer Kristian Broms says. “Sex toy shoppers are more sophisticated than ever, and they want products that go above and beyond the traditional, which is exactly what 3Some was made for. This line offers unique features unlike anything else on the market today and gives retailers something special to display and showcase to shoppers who are looking for next-level toys. With so many unique shapes and styles to choose from, plus the modern convenience of remote-control operation, we expect 3Some to be extremely popular this season.”

3Some is packaged in bold colorful boxes featuring an eye-catching color gradient that pops on the retail floor and can be displayed on a slatwall or shelf. Each product is covered by a 1-year limited warranty and is USB rechargeable.

Visit with Pipedream sales representatives at AVN in Las Vegas this week to learn more about the unique 3Some line everybody is talking about. To schedule a meeting, please email marketing@pipedreamproducts.com.

Product images, dimensions, videos, and marketing materials are all available online at pipedreamproducts.com. To place an order, contact your preferred representative or email marketing@pipedreamproducts.com.

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