Pipedream Products CEO Matthew Matsudaira received the prestigious Chief Exec of the Year Award at the Retail Edition of XBIZ Honors 2021. Since taking over the helm as CEO over two years ago, Matsudaira has spearheaded a transformational overhaul of the manufacturing giant, redefining the company culture and business practices by executing his vision, implementing company-wide change, and continuing to launch new and innovative products.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have been selected to receive this award and to have been recognized alongside so many great executives in this industry,” says Matsudaira. “It means so much to me to be recognized by my peers who are lifting up their own companies to new levels.”

During the past year, Matsudaira and his team were busy executing two massive projects in the middle of the world’s deadliest pandemic. In June, Pipedream moved their warehouse to Illinois and opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art distribution center in the Midwest. At the same time, Matsudaira and his European team were putting the finishing touches on Pipedream’s brand-new European HQ in Bremen, Germany and launching the company’s first distribution center in the EU.

“I did not do this alone, there are so many people at Pipedream who deserve to share in this award and our success throughout this year,” Matsudaira adds. “Thank you to my other leaders, Kristian, Tami and Marion. It’s a privilege to work alongside you each day. Thank you to our sales team – Rob, Lori, Mona, Heather, Annika and Florian and all the supporting staff that makes Pipedream an awesome place to work, for believing in the vision, and helping us successfully execute these initiatives.”

2020 was a transformational year for Pipedream indeed, and for Pipedream Sales Executive Lori Scott, the change was long overdue.

“I’ve been with Pipedream for over 20 years and what Matthew has accomplished in the last two years has been amazing and inspiring for us all!” says Scott. “Under his leadership, we all strive to get better each day and he continues to motivate all of us at Pipedream!”

Long-time industry veteran and Pipedream Marketing Executive, Rob Phaneuf agrees.

“Matthew has encouraged all of us to embrace technology and challenge the status quo, and I think those qualities have been instrumental in helping Pipedream continue to lead the way and innovate,” Phaneuf says. “I’m so happy for Matthew and the whole team. I have not seen anyone accomplish so much in such a short time!”

The annual XBIZ Honors presents the XBIZ Exec Awards, which turn a deserved spotlight on the best of the best from the adult business community, celebrating outstanding career achievement across a wide variety of channels.