In 2022 pjur took a chance: the premium personal lubricants manufacturer changed its familiar look and modernized its brand design, while also launching a new product range aimed at the luxury segment. Since last September, pjur has shone with a completely new color palette that gives the brand a more modern, fresher feel. Even the logo was modernized, and completed with the new claim “Feel the Real.” All pjur products will gradually be moved to the new design in the next few years.

If you want to see what that looks like, take pjur INFINITY, the new premium personal lubricant in an elegant glass bottle. pjur INFINITY is a product range that was created exclusively for the premium segment, to address the needs of discerning customers who value high-quality products. Its marketing strategy demonstrates its exclusivity: pjur INFINITY is only available from selected retailers, whose portfolio and expertise suit the product and its discerning target group.

This bold step has already been honored several times over in Europe. In 2022 pjur won the XBIZ Europa Award for “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year”, the EAN EROTIX Award for “Brand Development of the Year” and the SIGN Award for “Lube Company of the Year”. Now the new brand design and pjur INFINITY have successfully launched on the U.S. market. pjur can look back on a long history of success in the States too, and hopes to build on this past success with more awards at the upcoming ANME Show. pjur is nominated in the categories “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year” and “Sex Lubricant of the Year”.

“The awards we’ve won in Europe confirm we did everything right with the brand refresh and the pjur INFINITY launch, with its selective marketing strategy,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of pjur. “pjur INFINITY might boast the established pjur ‘Made in Germany’ quality, but it also has an extraordinary design, with a modern, elegant look that speaks to customers looking for something exceptional. Together with our customers, we’re looking forward to taking pjur down this very new path in the future, in both Europe and the U.S.”

pjur is excited to announce the North American launch at ANME in January.  pjur invites you to visit them at Booth 22 & 23 during the ANME show in Burbank from January 10-12 to learn more about pjur INFINITY products and the modernized branding.While visiting the booth and celebrating the future of pjur, you will be able to register to win one of three prizes for your staff and store.

As a leading supplier of premium intimate products, pjur can look back at a 27-year history of success. With the goal of achieving an even stronger market position, pjur has spent the last two years reinforcing the brand’s core values, and adapting the brand’s visual look and tonality to ensure it is fit for the future.

“Our brand has developed tremendously over the past 27 years, just as the international markets in our segment have as well,” adds Giebel. “Now it was time to sharpen the essence and values of the brand again and to adapt our brand’s optics and communication for the future. The focus is on the meaningfulness and clarity of our values, brand recognition and differentiation. This is how we can strengthen pjur’s position for our partners and consumers.”

For more information, and for help implementing the new pjur branding in stores/online, please contact your WOW Tech Representative if you would like to order.