UK-based adult wholesaler, Playharda, has announced that it will be adding Nu Sensuelle to its extensive range of products.

The critically-acclaimed pleasure product brand offers a multitude of toys including variable forms of bullets, vibrators, anal toys, and couples’ rings. Furthermore, Nu Sensuelle’s products are waterproof, USB rechargeable, and made from 100% body-safe and UV-resistant material.

Focused on creating high quality products that have yet to be introduced to the industry, the Nu Sensuelle team actively listens to consumers’ needs and wants for empowerment. Their tagline, “elevate your vibe,” further exemplifies their commitment to pleasing the full body and spirit—helping users of all body types, relationships, genders and sexualities experience heightened levels of intimacy and connection.

In light of recent rebranding efforts, Nu Sensuelle’s packaging now flaunts a more sleek, modern look that is consistent with the caliber of the company’s products. While Nu Sensuelle’s refurbished aesthetic compliments its position in the market as a luxury brand, the company’s products remain at an affordable price for the consumer.

Aesthetic aside, Nu Sensuelle’s packaging serves a practical purpose, as well. While commonly known for being a leader in the super bullet category, Nu Sensuelle aims to inspire all users–novice and expert–to explore their sexualities and grow with the brand.

Co-owner and lead product engineer, Thao Luu-Brinberg, has carefully curated 10 proprietary motors of differing sensations to enable Nu Sensuelle’s products to appeal to a wider range of users. To assist retailers and consumers in better understanding the sensation that each product produces, Nu Sensuelle motors are now classified by color. The motor is identified on the back of the packaging and color-coded on the perimeter of the box for easy reference. This classification helps retailers recommend the right product based on the consumer’s preferences pertaining to power and intensity.

Nu Sensuelle’s devotion to innovating new technology has allowed for the emergence of remote sync and multi-toy-compatible products within the market. Communications Coordinator of Nu Sensuelle, Lauren Schwartz, describes their avant-garde technology, “Our remote control products are phenomenal for a couple different reasons. First, our remotes are engineered with remote sync technology, allowing them to actually vibrate in tandem with their corresponding toys. This feature is incredible for those who wish to experience double the sensation themselves, and is also amazing for couples play. Our remote sync technology allows both parties to experience the same sensation simultaneously–eliminating the need to ask your partner “did you feel that?”, and thus, further maximizing that couple’s intimacy and connection. Secondly, the remotes offer multi-toy control, meaning that a singular remote can operate more than one Nu Sensuelle toy at a time. With the click of a button, users can now control multiple bullets, plugs, and rings simultaneously.”

As Nu Sensuelle’s products are unique and multifaceted, the company’s team offers training sessions to help retailers understand the functionality of their products, as well as how to effectively introduce them to consumers. Furthermore, the company’s expertise in graphic design will help aid Playharda’s marketing efforts in building brand awareness for Nu Sensuelle.

“We’re predicting Nu Senseulle’s range to be one of the most exciting and most popular to arrive this year, and we are proud to be able to offer it to retailers from March 2022. We highly suggest retailers to pre-order now to ensure you are one of the first to receive stock!,” remarks Daniel Miller, Company Director of Playharda.

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