A Vladimir Putin-supporting war fanatic who raised £20k ($25k) to send Chinese drones to Russian troops in Ukraine was hacked, his order changed to receive hundreds of dildos and strap-ons instead.

According to Daily Star, “‘Z-volunteer’ Mikhail Luchin placed an order with global online retail company AliExpress in a bid to support Russian troops fighting in Ukraine.”

To Luchin’s dismay, a group of hilarious Ukrainian hackers from the Cyber Resistance Group intercepted the war-backing order, replacing it with pleasure-packers.

“Instead of drones, Misha [Mikhail] will now send to the invader [troops] trucks of dildos, strap-ons and other things useful to every Russian that we ordered and paid for with his card on AliExpress,” say the hackers.

The Cyber Resistance Group initially had intended to redirect the funds Luchin collected to benefit the Ukrainian army, but they found that there was no way to change the delivery address, meaning that whatever they ordered would be sent to Luchin. They also said that some of the goods had already been delivered when they managed to intercept the account.

“Because the card is tied to a specific address, [it means] that all the goods from the order will be delivered to Luchin’s address,” say the hackers. “That is why we decided to use his funds in this way.”

Luchin initially planned to return the sex toys to AliExpress for a refund, but the very eclectic China-based retailer informed him that this was not possible.

The Daily Star reports that “Instead, he’s resorted to a more entrepreneurial plan.”

“I will open a sex shop here [in Russia], make 300% profit and buy three times more drones,” announces Luchin.

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