Rock Candy Toys is pleased to announce that they will be continuing their annual celebration of Women’s History Month in March with weekly tributes to some of the industry’s leading females from all walks of the adult industry.

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during March in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

With huge support and success with their inaugural year of highlighting Women of the Industry in 2021, Rock Candy Toys is continuing the celebration of Women’s History Month in 2022 to continue to recognize and honor the women behind some of the industry’s leading companies from the realm of adult retail and more.

Throughout the month of March, Rock Candy Toys will be spotlighting ten outstanding women on social media in honor of their achievements and contributions to the biz. Stay tuned to Rock Candy Toys’ social media to find out fun facts about these hardworking boss babes.

Rock Candy Toys Sales Director Tracy Leone explained why it was important for the company to celebrate the women of the adult industry.

“Rock Candy Toys just wants to give a shot-out and send some love to all of the hardworking women of the industry,” she says. “It’s for us to say thank you for everything you do. As a woman in the biz, I feel it’s important for us to keep uplifting and supporting one another!”

Among this year’s honorees will be Loretta Gooding, Head Buyer of Excitement Video and Brittney Vela, Head Buyer for Condoms to Go. “These women continue to break barriers in our industry every day and we believe they should be honored for their contributions,” notes Leone.

Follow Rock Candy Toys on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow along with our Women’s History Month tributes to the women of the adult industry all month long! Rock Candy Toys’ social media shout-outs will be accompanied by special gifts to the women featured, as a special “thank you” from the company.

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