ROCK’N Products Distribution has developed complete package options for stores eager to get back to business and comply safely with all CDC guidelines to protect themselves, their staff and customers. Package options include a variety of masks, thermometers, gloves, signs and Rock’n Products new medical-grade PURISPRAY multi-purpose sanitizer in handy bottles and wall-mounted touchless sprayers.


“During the pandemic we have helped essential business stay stocked with necessary PPE (personal protection equipment) for the community,” says Keith Caggiano, Rock’n Products president. “We are happy to extend these resources to our adult community”.


The kits are designed to be an all-in-one solution for everything anxious store owners need to open to ensure a safe, compliant environment for employees and long overdue pleasure-seeking customers.


The packages include two mounted sanitizing sprayers for entrances and cash registers, social distancing signs floors and walls. Returning employees can be tested daily with thermometers, receive gloves and masks, and a personal PuriSpray sanitizer as well as an option to have custom store logo masks for staff.


Rock’n Products has recently launched PuriSpray, their flagship PPE product, a medical-grade hand sanitizer as the perfect on-the-go all-purpose sanitizer to kill 99% of germs on hands, surfaces, keys, phones, and doorknobs while fitting easily into pockets and purses. Purispray offers stores a class above in retailing with an elegant powder-coated glass bottle and lightly scented lavender essential oil that actually softens hands. Purispray is currently available in 24 packs of 60ml bottles and is ready to ship now.


“We are trying to do the best we can to keep prices down at this time. Costs and availability of these items change daily,” Caggiano says. “We have ample stock, and work with a network of local and international sources enabling us to support orders of a hundred to a million units to a million with proper notice.


For more information on package pricing and details contact Rock’n Products at 310 823-5100,, or