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Tami Rose, owner, manager and resident ‘sexpert’ at Mississippi-based adult boutique Romantic Adventures, is often asked her advice on the best items to keep long-distance relationships thriving.

“While I could tell you that we keep up a steady stream of sexting and use Bluetooth-connected toys to stay in touch, we don’t,” says Rose of her current long-distance relationship. “I practice Tantra Yoga and in that philosophy, the woman represents the Goddess Shakti and the Man is representative of the God Shiva … my long-distance partner and I bring a reverence and an attitude of worshipfulness to each other when we do finally come together that really elevates the physicality to a whole other level.”

“We don’t really call each other with little frustrations or irritations,” Rose continued. “I consider my partner my oasis of joy and good times and I don’t foul the well with mundane worries he can’t do anything about.

“We have lots of great bullet vibes, sexual enhancers and an incredible selection of men’s toys for lots of stimulating phone sex, though I personally really like the tension of being apart and coming together … it keeps things fresh and really makes me appreciate the time that I do get face-to-face with my partner. Like Gypsy Rose Lee, he always leaves me longing for a little more.”

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