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EIS GmbH / Satisfyer earns worldwide trademark rights as of Jan. 1, 2020 for the magazine brand Penthouse. With this cooperation, EIS not only secures the permanent product usage right for the Penthouse brand, but is also the main supplier of all Penthouse stores.

EIS is one of the leading companies in regards to customer satisfaction and continues to strive to make the service and products even better in order to provide the customer with incomparable quality. 

“The Penthouse brand has a worldwide excellent reputation, so that we are able to offer the best possible service in combination with our two strong brands EIS and Satisfyer we see great opportunities for development to create an even more excellent experience of our products,” says André Bierbass, chief operating officer EIS.

EIS expands product range

With this visionary thinking, EIS is setting completely new standards for the industry and occupies top positions in almost all product areas.

Beginning 2020 starts a large lingerie, drugstore and toy line launch.

“The takeover of the trademark rights is a further step for us on the way to international sales activities and thus acquiring new customers with our excellent range of products,” says Bierbass.

A high demand on the quality and aesthetics are a matter of course for EIS as well as an indispensable standard. EIS is looking forward to photo shoots with all well-known Penthouse models.

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