Whether your customers have a Valentine in mind or are committed to self love, with so many products to choose from, there’s something for everyone to fall for this Valentine’s Day!

(Note: This story appears in the December 2023 issue of SE Magazine

We’re highlighting the toys and products that join (one, two or more!) lovers together for an unforgettable evening. From vibrator necklaces to intimacy-building board games, fuck machines to chastity kits, any gender and orientation is sure to get hot on the coming cold February day. Strap on your harnesses and lube up your dildos (may we suggest with something chocolate-flavored?), we’ve even got toys for intimacy across distances, such as Bluetooth-enabled devices for long-distance relationships. In this Special Focus, we’ll present the most popular pleasure products available for those lusty lovers on that special day.

What’s your number-one recommended product for Valentine’s Day?

Ball & Chain

Foreplay in a Row board game

Our Foreplay in A Row board game is perfect for two or as a group with even more couples. Foreplay in a Row is all about connecting with your partner/partners and what better way than to play this fun adult game! Step back in time and remember a game from your childhood… now your customers can play it grown-up and cheeky style! They take turns dropping chips with the activity of their choice in one of the empty spaces. A player/players wins by placing four of their own chips consecutively in a line making a Foreplay Connection. The four chips that form a Foreplay Connection must be acted out by the losing player/players (on the winning player). Each of the 42 chips has a different foreplay suggestion so you can imagine how the anticipation builds as you drop in your selected naughty chip such as “Naked Pillow Fight”, “Spank Bottom” and “Wrestle Naked!”

– Dawn Phillips, Owner and Operator of Ball and Chain

For more information, visit ballandchainfun.com.


Neon Vibes

We are excited to see the Neon Vibes collection on display for Valentine’s Day. The collection is all about fun and foreplay. The products are ideal for couples as they add a sense of excitement to any foreplay experience. The vibes can be held in your hand or wrapped around your finger, allowing users to play and explore any way they desire with added sensation.

– Nichole Grossmann, Director of Marketing for CalExotics

For more information, visit b2b.calexotics.com.

Doc Johnson

Oral Delight & VIP Room Kit

GoodHead Valentines Oral Delight Gel is a 5-pack of the edible oral-sex enhancer that turns foreplay into an unforgettable experience with 1 oz. bottles of each flavor: Strawberry, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon. With a taste this good, who needs heart-shaped candy?

The VIP Room Kit from the Merci line is the perfect kit for any sexual partners looking to start their BDSM journey or finish it. The entire Merci line gives a great range of stylish options perfect for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike. In order to make products more accessible, it’s important to us that our products ranging from the tame to the hardcore can serve a wide range of experience levels so that users can get the proper bang for their buck with each design, creating value that lasts throughout their journey of sexual exploration. The Merci Power Banger Fuck Machine features a handheld controller for power and speed adjustment, an adjustable arm for precise positioning, intense multi-speed strokes up to 195 per minute and Vac-U-Lock interchangeable attachment capabilities.

– Chad Braverman, COO of Doc Jonson

For more information, visit docjohnson.com.


Magic Wand Micro

While every Magic Wand model offers couples something unique, we’re really excited about the all new Magic Wand Micro this Valentine’s Day. At just 4.5” long, the Micro is the smallest and perhaps most versatile Magic Wand in our lineup. Couples can let their imaginations run wild with this little wand because it’s small enough to go just about anywhere (externally, of course…) and powerful enough to enhance any intimate activity.

– Ken Herskovitz, CEO of Vibratex, Inc.

For more information, visit magicwandoriginal.com.


Mini-Me & Mr. Stubb

Chastity play may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about romantic gestures, but that’s precisely what makes it so intriguing. Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to shift consumer perspectives about this often “taboo” and intimidating niche. 

For a little over a year, our micro-sized cages, Mini-Me and Mr. Stubb have claimed the #1 and #2 spots on the CB-X best-seller list. We’ve noticed a growing trend of repeat CB-X customers choosing to downsize from larger cock cages, indicating a rising interest in micro cages and next-level chastity play. Additionally, the demand for our pink cages increases annually for the Valentine’s Day season, making this holiday the perfect opportunity for retailers to showcase a softer, more approachable chastity cage colorway. 

Gifting a chastity device is a way of saying, “I’m putting my complete trust in you to take care of me, and I’m willing to give up my freedom because I love and trust you.”  We believe that handing a set of chastity cage keys to one’s partner is the ultimate romantic gesture. As long as this awareness and enthusiasm exists during in-store sales interactions, retail customers will see it, too.

– Alicia Davis, General & Sales Manager

For more information, visit CB-X.com.

Nobü/Bodispa Inc.


We just came out with a brand new strapless strap-on that caters to lesbian couples, non-binary folk and cis-hetero couples alike, making it the perfect toy to bring home this Valentine’s Day. The toy is called the Adël, and it is one of the newer members of our Nobü Essentials Collection.

When it comes to couple’s play, we believe that versatility is key. That’s why we created the Adël: a revolutionary strapless strap-on designed to enhance intimate experiences between couples. Made with premium body-safe silicone, this velvety smooth couple’s vibrator is engineered specifically to stimulate various erogenous zones, providing pleasure to both the giver and receiver through simultaneous penetration. No matter your kinks, gender or sexual orientation, this strapless strap-on offers a truly inclusive experience that caters to a vast range of fantasies and desires, making it a must have for any treasure trunk this Valentine’s Day.

One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to using a strapless strap-on is that they always seem to fall out during play. That’s why the Adël is equipped with a larger, more bulbous vibrating saddle horn, ultimately ensuring a more secure connection between you and your partner during play. 

– Karalyne Fosty, Creative Director of Nobü/Bodispa Inc.

For more information, visit nobutoys.com.

Mayer Labs

Kimono Swirl

For this Valentine’s Day, we are most excited about the release of our new Kimono Swirl product line, which launched in September, especially its revolutionary new condom which features a unique swirling double helix head. The line also includes two new lubricants and an organic cleaning gel.

Kimono Swirl Condoms are perfect for couples, because they double as a sex toy, in addition to providing protection. The unique swirling double helix head is designed to twist and turn with each movement to provide extra stimulation and is ­­­­­a great way for couples to add excitement and novelty to their sex lives.

To complement this extraordinary condom, the Kimono Swirl line also includes two new lubricants and natural cleaning gel, all made with premium ingredients.

– David Mayer, Founder and President of Mayer Labs

For more information, visit mayerlabs.com.


Vibrating Hearts Butt Plugs

Our first recommendation for this holiday would have to be our Vibrating Hearts Butt Plugs, which are heart-shaped and come in Valentine’s Day’s signature colors, pink and red. The Vibrating Heart Plugs are available in two sizes (small and medium), contain 15 vibration patterns, six intensities and a remote control that works from 30 feet away. That means you can wear one on date night and hand the remote over to your partner to stimulate you when you least expect it. These cute and colorful beauties embody Valentine’s Day, bejeweling your booty with a shimmering heart gemstone.

My second suggestion would be our Stainless Steel Prostate Collection: Prostate Plug, Anal Beads and P-Spot Training Set. Each sold separately. I like to think of the Stainless Steel Prostate Collection as Tiffany jewelery for your butt. They’re so gorgeous we’ve had people tell us they put them on display. Everything from their weight and their design from their quality and their glimmery surface spells luxury. It’s just a bonus that they are fantastic for Prostate and G-Spot stimulation. Because they are made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are a lifelong investment, and fantastic for temperature play.

– Alicia Sinclair Rosen, Founder & CEO of b-Vibe

For more information, visit b-vibe.com. 

Little Genie

Ready Sex Go!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share our latest addition to the world of intimate fun — Ready Sex Go! This exciting and unique sex game is designed to ignite passion, create unforgettable experiences and bring you and your partner or partner(s) closer than ever before.

No matter your preferences or desires, this game caters to all. It offers diverse options for partners of any gender and those wanting to incorporate toys into their experience. Prepare for an exciting journey as you activate the popping dice and advance on the board. Every move brings new surprises, challenges and opportunities to explore your deepest desires together.

Ready Sex Go! encourages creativity in the bedroom (or wherever else you choose to play!). From sensual massages to tantalizing role-play scenarios, this game will inspire you and your partner(s) to unleash your wildest fantasies. Explore new territories together and let your imagination run wild. It’s about connecting with your partner(s) on a deeper level, and Ready Sex Go! provides the perfect opportunity for that. Whether it’s reigniting the spark with your long-term partner or creating unforgettable memories with someone new, this game ensures quality time filled with laughter, intimacy and shared experiences.

– Angie Michelle, Marketing Manager of Little Genie

For more information, visit littlegenie.com.


Ropes, canes & crops

Tantus offers a number of exciting products for stores to carry during the Valentine’s Day rush, which will be perfect for couples. Tantus’ best-selling 30-Foot Rope ($25 MSRP) is now available in three alluring color combinations: Azure/Onyx, Silver/Onyx and Olive/Onyx. Designed with a modern diamond pattern and featuring tassels at both ends, each of the colorways was carefully chosen to complement all skin tones. Beyond their standout design, these ropes will also meet the highest standards of riggers in terms of strength and flexibility.

We’re also excited to launch two new standout kink items for couples, the “Vow” cane and “Confess” crop, which will both start shipping before the holiday season. While they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, their unique design will make them a crowd-pleaser for sales all year round. As another exciting twist on a timeless favorite, Confess ($33 MSRP) is a deconstructed riding crop inspired by equestrian design. It ditches leather in favor of a silicone head, providing intensified energy transfer. 

Additionally, for a unique and inclusive Valentine’s Day offering, retailers should also consider stocking up on our POP by Tantus Squirting Dildos ($119 – $130 MSRP). 

– Cheri Curry, Director of Sales and Marketing for Tantus

For more information, visit tantusinc.com.

Wicked Sensual Care

Sensual Massage Creams

Our Sensual Massage Creams are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Intentionally created to encourage connection and closeness, these creams are perfect for romance and seduction. They make great gifts for a lover, and they’re also a great self-care treat. There’s even a sexy 60 minute playlist we created for people to use during their massage.

Finely crafted combinations of the best carrier oils, moisture rich butters, essential oils, select fragrances, along with added vitamins and electrolytes make these formulas truly the best in sensual massage and body care. Our Sensual Massage Creams are the perfect pairing for lingerie, toys and Wicked Sensual Care lubes to create that sensual Valentine’s experience.

– Jessica drake, brand strategist for Wicked Sensual Care

For more information, visit wickedsensualcare.com.

Distributors: Which adult brand and/or toy line do you think will be popular for Valentine’s Day 2024?



Lovense products help couples close the distance whether they are in the same room together, or connecting from different parts of the world. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Lovense products like the Max 2, Nora and Calor help couples to feel together, even when far apart. Each product plays well alone, while providing responsive movement and sensation when operated together. This makes it easy for couples to find their perfect Lovense product, whether they are hims, hers or thems!

– Jamie Newmark, Eldorado Sales Account Manager

 For more information, visit Eldorado.net.

Holiday Products


AVA, from the Aurora Collection by ZALO USA is an impressive little wonder of a wand. It has a petite size that fits in the palm of your hand, a lusciously squishy round head on a flexible neck and an awesome rumbly motor. AVA also offers a pre-heating option to help heat up chilly winter nights. Plus, you can use the on-board button interface to control the vibrations or connect to the ZALO app for more options to customize your AVA experience. AVA’s subtle yet opulent style and giftable white packaging with swirls of golden line drawings combine with a retail price under $100 to make this the perfect gift for everyone on your Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day list.

But if you and your partner are looking for a whole new pleasure experience, why not try rotation instead of vibration? Zumio uses a small unobtrusive tip that rotates rather than vibrates to create a whole new set of sensations. Zumio knows that every body is different, so they have four different stimulators designed to cater to specific needs and sensitivity levels. Each model offers a different combination of tip shape and rotation pattern, and all models are small enough to slip between bodies when things get spicy without getting in the way. Zumio’s slender, stylus-style form acts like a fine artist’s brush to give you complete control over the pinpoint stimulation and pressure-sensitive intensities, resulting in multiple orgasms.

– Molly Romeo, Senior Account Manager & Product Specialist of Holiday Products 

For more information, visit holidayproducts.com.

Metro Distributors

Alchemy Rosebud & Link

Alchemy Rosebud is the most giftable and luxurious of all the roses and makes an excellent gift for couples of various orientations. The Rosebud on shelf is visually stunning and is packaged ready to give as a gift. Inside of the packaging you will find a vibrant red rose with 10 stimulating patterns, an alchemy cleanse rosewater intimacy wipe, luxury storage pouch and a one-year warranty. Rosebud makes a fab gift, especially for yourself.

For discreet romantic fun, we highly recommend our three Link products. Light enough to wear all day and controllable from over 30 feet, Link Paige is the perfect travel companion for any adventure. MSRP: $79.99. Link Piper is a highly intelligent vibrator that lets you compose endless euphoric melodies. With 12 arousing vibration modes, an ergonomic shape and full app control, Piper makes beautiful music with your body. MSRP: $79.99. Link Paxton is our premium prostate massage that puts pleasure in the palm of your hands with an interactive app offering music mode, video chat, customizable vibration patterns and draw mode for crafting your own sensual sensations. MSRP: $99.99. All Link products are app-connected, boast over five exciting modes and are a great app-controlled option for the budget friendly shopper. 

– Lori Scott, VP of Metro Distributors

For more information, visit metrob2b.com.

ORION Wholesale

vibepad 3

I would emphasize the “vibepad 3”, a new development of our best-selling vibro cushion, which stimulates the clitoris, vagina and anus completely hands-free – with an integrated G-spot vibrator. It is not only suitable for exciting solo sex, but also for versatile love games with the partner.

Like its predecessor models, the “vibepad 3” was designed from the ORION think tank. The carefully designed waves precisely follow the shape of the female anatomy around the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus and enable spot-on stimulation. The stimulation is controlled using individual movements of the hips, leaving the hands free for additional pleasure with the partner. And the perfectly curved G-spot vibrator flexibly follows all movements during the hands-free ride. No less than three strong motors provide reliable power for triple stimulation. The vibrator and the two vibrating mounds each offer seven versatile vibration modes. The vibrations can be controlled separately or combined. The practical remote control with a range of up to 10 meters ensures comfortable use for the partner.

– Björn Radcke, Head of Sales & Marketing (B2B) at ORION Wholesale

For more information, visit orion-wholesale.com.