The Slubb, a powerful pleasure product, is now available through 665 Leather.

The Slubb consists of a comfortable, adjustable, rubber belt, firmly connected to a cordless multitool. This allows the Slubb to deliver a range of oscillation and vibration to the penile shaft, significantly higher than typically available in the pleasure products market. The belt can also be wrapped around a variety of pleasure products, allowing many solid, non-vibrating plugs and insertables to deliver intense stimulation.

“For over 25 years, 665 Leather has brought the LGBTQ+ community the best in pleasure products. We knew that when submitting a product, it would have to measure up to the demands for reliability and power required by 665 customers,” says Neil Chassan, CEO of Slubb USA. “It is an honor for us that 665 has agreed to carry Slubb in their store.”

And the Slubb is getting great word of mouth. Dirk Hooper, BDSM author and journalist recently gave the Slubb a glowing review at

“The sensation is highly unusual,” notes Hooper. “It’s not like the direct contact that you’d get from sex, or your own hand. It’s something different… something deeper… I felt it much broader than I would have from almost anything else… It was wonderful and unexpected!”

Slubb can be found at 665 Leather at

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Retail stores and distributors can place orders for Slubb by e-mailing or calling 206-337-6631.