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Elixir Play is a company that empowers vulva owners to fulfill their sexual desires with education and exquisite pleasure products that are designed and woman owned. Elixir Play believes that all vulva owners deserve pleasure. They are passionate about enabling vulva owners to learn about their bodies and ways to improve their sex lives. Elixir Play thinks sex should be an enjoyable experience for every single person in the world. Elixir Play was launched this January in Australia via Instagram.

The company came to fruition when founder Lara Pack, who after many years of personal issues with pelvic pain and painful sexual experience and she turned to pelvic physiotherapy for assistance. It was through this experience that she realized the importance of external stimulation and the benefit of pleasure products. During a consultation with a doctor, that Lara mentioned that she wished there was a magic pill to fix the issue. Hence the name Elixir – which means magic potion or spell. Lara added Play because of course, sex should be playful. In fact, keeping it playful actually helps to address some of the issues associated with pain.

“After my own personal experience and validating with a variety of women, I realized there was an opportunity in the market to target women who had also issues with their sex lives,” says Pack. “Whether it was from pain, childbirth or low libido, so many women are struggling and looking for options to help. By focusing on the health aspects and normalizing these experiences, we have been able to help so many women and hope to continue to do so.”

SOS Distribution is excited to announce that they will be carrying the Elixir Play brand. Hamed Bossett-Allen, CEO of SOS Distribution said, “It’s simply a pleasure to be working with an individual like Lara that has built Elixir Play out of her own personal necessity. She has filled a void for so many individuals that are silently, shamefully, suffering from extreme pelvic pain and disorders. SOS Distribution has been looking for the perfect fit and it seems we have found it! Both companies’ passion, dedication, innovations, and teams are fully aligned; I am confident this has been a vital step in the right direction for not only us but most importantly our customers.”

With three SKUs available, the Amethyst is a dual stimulating, fully flexible and ultra-soft vibrator. It’s designed to bend and flex with the curves of your body providing both internal and clitoral stimulation. Garnet is our versatile, shareable, ultra-soft cock ring. It can be used both as a cock ring providing pleasure to both partners and also as a clitoral stimulator. Ruby is fully flexible, ultra-soft wand massager. It’s designed to bend and flex with the curves of the body for maximum pleasure.

“When considering who I wanted to launch with in the States, I really wanted to work with a team that were passionate about the brand and able to continue to deliver the message of sexual health and wellness to the end-users,” adds Pack. “SOS have been amazing to work with and I think our mutual desire to focus on sexual health and provide a holistic experience for the customer will be wonderful for both brands. Between our brands, I am hopeful that we can provide an end-to-end experience for the vulva owners who use our products.”

Inventory will be shipping the beginning of October 2020. The SOS Sales Team are currently taking pre-orders for the Elixir Play line. For more information or to pre-order, email the team at sales@sinkorswimsales.com or call 833-SOS-1-SOS (767-1767).