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(Note: This story appears in the August 2021 issue of Storerotica Magazine)

In this Special Focus, SE spotlights which companies have the top toys for customers who want something more than typical vibrations.

SE: What is your best-selling air-pressure toy and why has it been so successful?

Empowered collection
“The Empowered collection from CalExotics is becoming one of our hottest new products. The collection stands out from the competition as the products are all about the user and creating a unique pleasure experience for them. Two of the items within the collection, the Idol and Queen, are unlike any other suction toys on the market. These two styles offer a smarter pleasure experience with programmable smart features. The user can set their desired level of suction pressure and then explore even further with six different patterns. This is a completely “smart” pleasure product!” – Nichole Grossman, Director of Marketing

Doc Johnson
Bloom Intimate Body Pump
“Our best-selling air- pressure toy is Bloom Intimate Body Pump. We released it at ANME in January 2020, and it’s been a great success. Because it has four different-sized cups, it can be used on all genders on all erogenous zones on the body. With seven suction and seven vibration speeds, it has 49 potential sensations. It also features an instant air-pressure-release button, keeping it safe for users. We’ve found that customers love the versatility of Bloom. It’s four products in one, which is unique to similar items in the market at a competitive price point.” – Thao Dipolito, Marketing Manager

Satisfyer Pro 2
“Our best-selling air-pressure pleasure product would definitely be the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s sold in the double- digit millions. It’s known for its beautiful feminine design and streamlined functionality. With a slightly weighted head and a soft body-friendly silicone head the Pro 2 is known to pleasure indirect pressure waves with the highest of efficacy as it creates a firm yet comfortable seal around the clitoris. You may confuse the Pro 2 as a facial tool if you saw it lying on someone’s nightstand, which is of course another reason why so many women have been able to overcome the stigma of this sexual care product. Features across multiple outlets including Cosmo, Elle, and Glamour Satisfyer led the trend of air-pressure products and paved the way for a revolutionary method of igniting pleasure. The Satisfyer Pro 2 continues to be one of the most competitively priced air-pressure products around the world and is recognized within the industry as one of the most successful pleasure products ever sold.” – Stephanie Trachtenberg, Director of Marketing and PR

WOW Tech
Womanizer PREMIUM
“The Womanizer PREMIUM is our best-selling toy with our patented Pleasure Air Technology. This item is our flagship product along with being the best-seller, and for good reason. The reason our fans love it so much is because it has both the softest and most powerful intensity levels of any product we offer (to suit the users’ own unique sensitivity thresholds) and an Autopilot feature that takes the lead in terms of patterns and rhythms. The ultra-discreet Smart Silence feature (the product will not run if it doesn’t come in contact with your skin) rounds out this incredible product’s greatest features.” – Samantha Wolfin, Public Relations Expert, North America

Voodoo Toys
“Voodoo Toy’s Beso XOXO is like the popular girl right now! Everyone wants to get one and we have been selling out at a crazy rate. The fact it’s so affordable (under $50) and it’s super-soft and gentle on the clitoris is what really has made it so popular. Some air-pulse products have a hard opening around the suction area which can be painful for the user after a period of time. The soft and flexible opening and the crazily powerful air pulse means most customers have reported reaching climax in 1-2 minutes, which is incredible to hear.” – Sally Cotching, Brand Manager

Distributor Picks
We-Vibe Melt
“The We-Vibe Melt is Eldorado’s best-selling air pressure toy. Brand name recognition pushed this late-market entry to the top, but it’s the exceptional fit of the device that inspires retail customers to consistently recommend this product to their friends.” – Derek DalPiaz, Director of Sales and Marketing

Williams Trading Co.
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen
“We carry a wide assortment of air pressure products, but the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen remains our No. 1 best seller. Even though it’s been around for several years now, it has been a consistently great seller, and keeping it in stock is our only issue with it! Satisfyer makes great products, which is one of the reasons why this revamped version of the older model continues to do so well. Another reason? The price point is really attractive to our customers—and to the consumer. This is a great entry product for the category, as it’s easy to use, features a magnetic charging cable, and is waterproof. It practically sells itself!” – Rachel M., Williams Trading University Coordinator

SE: What’s next in the evolution of air-pressure products?

“Air-pressure will continue to be a popular item within the industry and will most likely continue to evolve with more multi- functional options such as all-in-one products that feature additions such as insertable shafts, twist off attachments, as well as products that may be hands-free and wearable. We’ll most likely also see air-pressure making its way into products for men and couples as well as gender-fluid designs as air-pressure has been known to be great for pleasuring areas such as the nipples, frenulum, and scrotum.
“In addition, app technology will help to expand the possibilities of air-pressure technology with increased opportunities to refine program settings, experience remote play at a distance, syncing up with music playlists and more. We’re also going to see air-pressure increasing in popularity within the mainstream markets within FDM and wellness spaces not exclusive to the adult channel.
“We will most likely continue to see more diversity in shapes including varied Air Pulse openings from small/targeted stimulation to larger heads for a broader and more dispersed contact. These new diversified heads will help to support ease and use for those who may be going through gender affirming surgeries or for those wanting to simply diversify their experience. Additionally, handles will continue to evolve to accommodate a range of body types, positions, and potential to create products best suited for same-sex couples as well.” – Megwyn White, Satisfyer’s Director of Education

“We think the market will grow as more people become aware and comfortable with the concept of suction. Whether used alone or together with vibration, it provides a new feeling that people love after trying.” – Thao Dipolito, Doc Johnson

“We suspect the future of air-pressure is growing and the market will keep getting bigger while the technology continues to get better and better. More manufacturers are adding this type of functionality to their products, making them widely available. Plus, the non-abrasive technology works well for all genders, as WOW Tech has proven with the Arcwave Ion.” – Derek DalPiaz, Eldorado

“I think air pressure will be around for some time, as it has proven itself a big draw for female consumers. The addition of internal stimulators with different types of functions—like LELO’s Enigma and CalExotics California Dreaming Malibu Minx, just to name a couple—will keep the tech fresh and relevant.” – Rachel M., Williams Trading

“As the original users of air-pressure technology with our patented technology, we hope to continue leading the charge on innovative products that use our Air Pleasure Technology. This can already be seen in our innovative PREMIUM eco, a completely bio-based version of our (best-selling) PREMIUM. Not only is the product eco-friendly, but each item sold means a new tree is planted by One Tree Planted.” – Samantha Wolfin, WOW Tech

“I think the use of air-pulse, and it being so welcomed by consumers, shows there is a lot of room for innovation and people are looking to explore new things. We’re starting to see it adopted into male-oriented toys, too. I think it’s going to encourage not just focusing on a specific pleasure point on the body but new products which use it to bring blood flow and pleasure to larger areas of the body. Something that can incorporate air-pulse technology into the entire vulva area, and not just specifically the clitoris, would be exciting to see.”
– Sally Cotching, Voodoo Toys

SE: How important is a hands-on display for merchandising air-pressure products?

“We highly recommend using a tester display. Consumers who aren’t familiar with suction and air-pressure toys can be intimidated and confused by the concept. When they can see it and test it out on their arm or the included replica vulva, it makes the pump much more appealing. We also provide training, videos, sell sheets, and one sheets to our retail and distributor partner.” – Thao Dipolito, Doc Johnson

“There are a variety of ways to merchandise this market segment that should impact sales. A retailer could set up a display of good, better, and best products based on price and warranty. Retail education that focuses on the differences between air-pressure technology and suction products is another way to help customers make a better purchasing decision. Regardless of how the products are merchandised, testers are essential to show the difference in how products function and fit.” – Derek DalPiaz, Eldorado

“Air pressure is one of the hardest products to truly demo. After all, a fingertip (or the tip of the nose) doesn’t have nearly as many nerve endings as the clitoris. Also, air pressure is not like vibration or thumping or straight-up suction; it stimulates the glans of the clitoris, yes, but also the deeper parts of the clitoral structure. It’s a very unique sensation.
“Not all air pressure toys are equivalent in strength, but that’s good because not all women like super-intense stimulation. Retailers should get to know the different products available and know which are super strong and which provide a gentler stimulation to best guide their customers.
“Having product testers available has always been one of the best ways of selling a product, and even with COVID, there are ways to keep your testers sanitized and safe. Being able to speak knowledgeably about each individual product—including how strong or gentle it is—will help sell these items.” – Rachel M., Williams Trading

“Put a sample near the counter so that they can play with it while they’re checking out. It’s the kind of sensation that needs to be felt against their palm in order for them to understand what air-pulse is. People often need to see it once or twice before they try something new, and after thinking about it and being able to test it, they’re more likely to return and buy one.” – Sally Cotching, Voodoo Toys

SE: Retailers, what is your best-selling air-pressure toy and why?

Roylin Downs
Trystology, Ventura, CA
“Our No. 1 selling air- pressure (suction) toy is the Womanizer Premium. Because a lot of our focus is on couple’s play, women can use this toy not only for solo play, but during lovemaking. The fact the suction is amazing, and you can toss the toy to the side during lovemaking and it won’t keep going—it stops when removed from the skin—makes it the perfect toy for foreplay or lovemaking.
“A close second, though, is the Womanizer Duo, as it give the dual stimulation you get with a rabbit- style toy but with the replication of oral sex and G-spot stimulation/penetration. It has truly been a fan favorite, with one of our customers even buying three for her friends for Christmas!”

Tara Hill
Boudoir Noir, Indiana
“The Satisfyer Curvy 2+ clitoral stimulator combines pressure waves and vibration with app control. It has a stylish design with a soft bend that is ergonomic. Its pressure waves and vibrations stimulate the clitoris completely without touching and make the vagina pulse with pleasure. The Curvy 2+ sells amazingly in our store due to the price point and app controls. It also seems to fit more body types. Whether you have a bigger clitoris or smaller, I have heard from many customers that the Curvy 2+ is exactly what they were looking for—without the luxury air pulse toy price!”

Nenna Joiner
Feelmore, Oakland, CA
“Our best-selling air product is Womanizer Classic. It’s not too expensive but definitely not cheap, and the sales don’t lie!”

Private Lives, Washington
“Our best-selling power pulse toy(s) are any in the Satisfyer brand. Why? Our reps allowed us to try the toy and give honest feedback to customers; plus the warranty and price point for the Satisfyer brand is phenomenal!”


Dee Bertino
Fantasy Gifts, New Jersey
“Our best-selling air pressure toy hands down is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Rechargeable. While we don’t believe the functionality of the product is more notable than other air-pressure toys, it sells great because of the price point and the packaging. Customers love the box design of the Satisfyer. Because their products tend to be at least $10 cheaper than similar products, we do sell more of them.”

Allanna Lindquist
Southwest Book & Video (a Lovers Playground network location), Chicago
“The Satisfyer One Night Stand is our best-selling air- pressure toy. I love having disposable options for customers that aren’t sure they will like the newest air-pulse technology. It makes for great repeat business. Customers always come back and try something new and trust my recommendations.”