Sport Fucker, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative adult gear, is set to unveil the first toy in its cutting-edge Moto-Vibe line at the 2019 ANME show in Burbank this July.

Moto-Vibe is a superior quality, motorized line of toys that feature custom vibrations consumers won’t find anywhere else. Each product is crafted with matte black, medical grade silicone for a super soft feel and a sleek and sophisticated look. Look for these toys to appeal to anyone looking for exceptional quality in their light to extreme play.

The first in the line, The Sport Fucker Rev-Ring, revolutionizes the construction and use of the popular cock ring by crafting it from super soft, medical grade silicone and motorizing it in order to create entirely new sensations and patterns of play.

Unlike other silicone rings, the Rev-Ring is not designed to stretch. Rather, it is meant to be worn like a metal or rigid ring, with a ring size that is slightly larger because it does not expand. As always, Sport Fucker uses only high quality, medical grade material that is waterproof and phthalate free.

With 10 custom vibrations to cycle through, Rev-Ring wearers will experience a wide range of stimulation and control. Despite the power the Rev-Ring packs, no batteries are required—it’s easily rechargeable with the included USB cord.

“With the Rev-Ring, we spared no expense to create the next generation of cock rings,” says Sport Fucker president, Curtis Thompson. “We wanted to disrupt the category in terms of both quality and function and the result is a ring that not only looks and feels good, but functions unlike any other ring on the market.”

To further draw attention to the uniqueness of the product, Sport Fucker designed fresh new eye-catching packaging that really stands out on even the busiest of retail shelves.

Interested retailers can contact Eldorado or 665 Inc about carrying the Rev-Ring or entire line of Moto-Vibe products.