Julie Stewart talks about connecting and sexual wellness

Julie Stewart, the president of Sportsheets, Inc., is on a mission. Once a month she flies to Eden Prairie, Minnesota to expand the conversation on sexual wellness, how couples can stay connected and introduce sex toys to mainstream America. For an entire year, she’s been a regularly featured guest on the home shopping channel, Evine.

In September of 2017, Evine launched “Evine After Dark”; a two-hour late-night adult shopping show hosted by Kimberly Wells, who is both vibrant and personal. In what feels like the comfort of your living room, viewers are let in on an intimate and honest discussion about sex toys, pleasure, playing, connecting and exploring. One viewer said, “It’s like having a conversation with friends!”

When I met Nicole Ostoya at ANME in 2017, she told me that Evine was about to launch their ‘After Dark’ series. Not only did we hit it off at once, I knew that SPORTSHEETS had a lot to offer and that this could be an incredible partnership. From the quality of our products to our commitment to helping people experience self-intimacy, keeping couples connected – all couples connected, is what we do” said Julie Stewart.

With over 25 years in the adult toy industry, Julie brings her ‘sexpertise’ to Evine After Dark. Every month between her style of educating, her ease of communicating and the fun the ladies have on set, it’s brought rave reviews from viewers.

Stewart says, “We’ve needed a safe place to talk about adult toys and their health benefits. Being able to bring this conversation to a national audience has been amazing. The more we can talk honestly about what interests us and the more comfortable we are with our bodies, our desires, our questions, the better. It’s life changing!”

The partnership between Evine and SPORTSHEETS and the showcasing of the newly released Sincerely, Sportsheets line; that includes vibrators and Kegel balls has proven that there is an audience who wants these products and who want to be part of the conversation.

“It’s been an incredible year and working with Kimberly, and the whole Evine team has been a remarkable experience, for the whole SPORTSHEETS team and me,” said Stewart.

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