Sportsheets is reporting massive success while releasing their newest line, Em.Ex. Active Harness Wear at the ANME show. In releasing their spin on underwear harnesses, their goal was to provide customers a long-wear product option, and it worked. Sportsheets completely sold out of their first run. Along with their newest release, they continue to shake up industry standards by implementing a ‘no digital retouching’ campaign on the Em.Ex. models. Retailers and distributors alike are buzzing about the new “No Digital Retouching” campaign.

“The response we received at ANME about Em.Ex. was overwhelmingly positive. So much so, that we’ve sold out of all our stock,” says Sportsheets president, Julie Stewart.

Em.Ex. was the primary focus for the show. The luxurious matte packaging is perfect for store displays; with imagery that has a heavy product focus, sizing displayed right on the box, all while providing the best possible shopping experience. To prevent box damage while on display they’ve provided sturdy plastic hang tabs. The Silhouette cut harness offers a new twist for underwear harnesses, providing an open slit for easy access.

With two of the Em.Ex. models in the Sportsheets booth, buyers got a great visual on the quality and long-wear comfortability of each style.

John Turi, marketing director, says, “Seeing the product on someone shows off the fit and the function. Our whole campaign surrounds being comfortable, and being your authentic self.”