After 13 Years in their current Huntington Beach location, Sportsheets is moving into a larger facility in the beautiful city of Cerritos. The new office and warehouse facilities total over 35,000 square feet, perfect for the growth of the company.

“I’m so excited to say we are officially moving, after many months searching for the perfect space! The place we found in Cerritos now can properly help house all of our supplies and products under one roof. A big reason we chose to move was to help facilitate”, says Ed Hayes COO. “And if you’ve ever visited the Sportsheets office, yes –our dogs will still be running around.”

Mark Cataldo, Sales and Business Development Director, exclaimed, “Sportsheets had a busy 2019, and we don’t plan on slowing down in 2020. We have a few things currently cooking that we want to capitalize on. Moving our staff to this larger facility will allow us to work on these new opportunities.

After acquiring the building, the entire company is packing up and will be moving the first week of December. With the holidays approaching, impacting day to day operations was not an option.

“We wouldn’t have been able to execute such a large-scale and quick move without our key employees taking swift action. From zoning and city permits, internet setup, condensing and moving product and operations, accounting, – all the loose ends without everyone getting behind the move.” continues Hayes.

Don’t fret. The only thing changing for contact information with Sportsheets is their new address, which is 16716 Edwards Road Cerritos, Ca 90703. Next time you’re in California, try to set up a tour!