Sportsheets adds a brand-new approach to Masturbation May with their campaign titled Mmm May which highlights masturbation, masochism, and multi-partner play for both their B2B and direct customers.

During the month of May, Sportsheets asks the question, “What makes you say Mmm?”as they launch their brand-new campaign titled Mmm May. This campaign expands on existing industry norms for Masturbation May, focusing in on even more ways to feel pleasure.

“This is the first micro campaign that we’re sending through to both our B2B customers and our direct customers under my direction,” says Kelly Sofferman, Brand Marketing Manager. “I think we can bring even more to this month-long celebration by expanding on the ways folks experience pleasure.”

Mmm May still highlights masturbation, but it also brings masochism and multi-partner play into the forefront. During each week of the month of May, a different theme will be emphasized with emails including tips, tricks, and toys for unlocking your best Mmm moments.

For more information on Mmm May, including subscribing to the campaign emails, visit here or email