Sportsheets is reporting a successful and busy January. Beginning 2019 with promotions, the ANME show, to their XBIZ award win, and ending their month in Las Vegas for AVN, it has proven to be a non-stop month.

The month started off with Chaney Cox transitioning from Sales into her new position Global Brand Director. Her focus will be on helping the company shape and grow its branding. In addition to celebrating the new position created for Chaney, Sportsheets is celebrating a few award wins.

“Everyone at Sportsheets is so proud of our XBIZ and AVN ‘O’ Awards win. Being recognized as XBIZ’s Soft Bondage Product/Line of the Year for our Sex&Mischief™ Enchanted line and an AVN for Outstanding Marketing Campaign shows all the hard work our entire team does from product development to selling to stores.,” said Julie Stewart, President of Sportsheets.

Sportsheets received very positive reactions from both their ANME and AVN booths, featuring the re-launch of the Sportsheets packaging, as well as buzz around their newest lines. Customers and numerous show attendees mentioned how they loved the diversity represented on the new packaging.

“We pride ourselves on making bold decisions. One of those includes being inclusive to everyone, and we plan to keep that narrative and conversation going. You’ll see that inclusivity with our Saffron™ Collection packaging as well,” said John Turi, Marketing Director.

Saffron™ and Sincerely, Sportsheets™ were both officially showcased to the public at ANME. Saffron features some of the company’s top sellers, re-invented with a new color and material as well as feature-ing some newly designed products. Sincerely, Sportsheets™ has been expanded to include vibrators, wands, and Kegels.

“For 25 years, we’ve brought you high-quality bondage gear. Now we are excited to be venturing out into the adult novelty toy category. Not only can you trust us with your bedroom gear but you can now trust us with designing quality vibrators that come with a 5-year warranty,” said Turi.

Sportsheets ended the first month of the brand-new year by promoting their brand at the AVN show with their booth located in the Joint – the first time being on the consumer side of the tradeshow. Sportsheets was ready to promote their brand while showing customers their new look. Sportsheets won the AVN “O” Award, for Outstanding Marketing Campaign for the re-launch/branding of the Sportsheets line, including the newly updated logo.

“The opportunity to be face-to-face with the customers who are actually in the stores purchasing and using our products, the opportunity to be able to tell our story and promote our brand is monumental. We noticed at the show, even though our company has been around for 25 years, a few consumers that had never heard of Sportsheets. To be able to gauge the reactions of the consumers who are just learning about our products will be invaluable in helping us shape future projects.” Turi said. “We also brought one of the faces of our new Saffron™ collection to sign at our booth, the lovely fetish model Kendra James.”