Sportsheets wins Fetish Company of the Year 2022 at the 15th annual SE Awards Show.

For the past 15 years, the SE Awards have been prized by distributors, storefronts, and manufacturers alike. Sportsheets celebrated winning Fetish Company of the Year, offering recognition for their success in the fetish/BDSM category. “It really was the perfect way to wrap up this year’s ANME,” says Kelly Sofferman, Senior Brand Marketing Manager. “And we’re thankful for the acknowledgment of our achievements in the fetish/BDSM community.”

In addition to winning, Sportsheets previewed their Q3 releases which included three bondage kits from Sex & Mischief, four harnesses from EM.EX. and a collection of pleasure products from their Merge collection. Alongside the new releases were the “COVID capsule” which included the products launched in the past two years and marked an opportunity for many to touch and feel them for the first time.

“It was great to finally be back in person, connect with customers, and display our 2 plus years of hard work and innovation,” reflects B2B Sales Manager Julia Harney. “Passersby were instantly drawn in by our display and the feedback we received on the new releases was incredibly encouraging.”

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