(Note: This story appears in the June 2022 issue of SE Magazine)

Womanizer’s PREMIUM eco delivers orgasms as well as peace of mind for the environmentally conscious.

Electronic vehicles — in some form or another — have been around for more than a century, but it wasn’t really until the last decade or so that “EV” has been a buzzword connoting the future for vehicles in a simultaneous nod to combating climate change. The PREMIUM eco from Womanizer is likewise aiming to put
a load of miles on the pleasure odometer for users while being one of the most environmentally conscious products in adult retail to date.

“Innovation, our customers, and our team are at the forefront of everything we do,” says Stephanie Keating, Marketing Director of the Americas for WOW Tech. “The demand for sustainable options has grown significantly as sex toys become more approachable for all consumers and enter mainstream marketplaces, but a strong driving factor for creating a sustainable sex toy was the Womanizer team. Sustainability has always been a strategic principal for WOW Tech, but it was more than just a corporate value; it was passion project to take responsibility for the increase in sex toys entering the waste stream and a challenge to develop something fun, body-safe, and sustainable.”

It’s no surprise, then, that the PREMIUM eco’s appeal lies as much in its green footprint as in its technical prowess.

“How PREMIUM eco makes you feel is the real appeal factor,” says Keating. “The feeling changes from user to user. It could be a desire to make more eco-friendly choices and a sense of excitement for the things to come. It could be a sense of relief you won’t have to get rid of PREMIUM eco for the same reason that you had to get rid of your last cellphone.

Adds Keating, “Either way, there’s one true guarantee: Sustainability has never felt so good.”

PREMIUM eco introduces several novel technical abilities that were developed to make it eco-friendly. For example, a built-in Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable but also replaceable extends the total lifespan of the product.

“It was challenging to squeeze in all these new features with the benefits of an eco-friendly Pleasure Air toy,” says Keating.

But Womanizer isn’t just titillating users; the company is fostering literal growth through planting trees, courtesy of PREMIUM eco sales. Thanks to the support of Womanizer customers and other donors, a total of 1,533,930 fruit trees have been planted on 1,553 hectares of land across six states of India. Nurseries were also built in strategic areas of Haryana to reduce transportation costs and improve seedling acclimatization.

“As the trees grow, they’ll help alleviate hunger and poverty while fighting pollution and climate change across rural India,” says Keating.

“We’ve taken everything that made our flagship product, the Womanizer PREMIUM, so good, and reduced as much plastic as possible,” Keating says. “Naturally, it has the same 12 intensity levels, it’s USB-rechargeable, and it’s splash-proof. Good for the planet, incredible for your body — it’s the perfect sex toy for the environmentally-minded.”

Keating says when the company launched PREMIUM eco, they had to figure out how to produce impactful, yet sustainable, point-of-sale merchandising items. “It was a fun challenge to create merchandising that can be adopted by retailers across North America that are great quality and as eco-friendly as possible,” she says.

All the printed materials were FSC-certified ensuring that wood is felled in a sustainable manner to the forests, workers, and locals. The wobbler and tent cards were produced on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and 100% carbon neutral. The corrugate used to support larger pieces was made of 88% recycled material.

Two PREMIUM eco displays graced New York windows at the Museum of Sex and at Babeland in Brooklyn. Womanizer partnered with local designers to build displays using previously loved floral pieces and components that have been and will be used in future projects.

Further bolstering its awareness to go green, Womanizer is planning a summer sale in honor of Plastic-Free July, offering 30% off PREMIUM eco to every level of their supply chain from distributor to consumer.

“This is just the beginning – we’ll also be extending our summer sale to the whole portfolio in August,” says Keating.

“The demand for sustainable options has grown significantly as sex toys become more approachable for all consumers and enter mainstream marketplaces.” — Stephanie Keating

As Keating further explains, Womanizer’s newest foray is emblematic of an industry-wide shift toward eco-friendly toys and materials.

“The biggest trend in our industry is the shift towards eco-friendly packaging or packing,” she says. “I’ve talked to a few retailers about options to make PR packages more sustainable. However, other than a few mainstay eco brands, the use of bioplastics is still slower to be adopted by the rest of our industry.”

And, despite PREMIUM eco’s strides in being eco- friendly, nothing has been compromised as far as the product’s capabilities.

“No changes were made to our patented Pleasure Air mechanism that would change the original Womanizer experience,” says Keating. “Pleasure Air is praised for its effectiveness, and the PREMIUM eco feedback reflects that. More than 80% of our reviews mention the benefit of making eco-conscious buying decisions; half say that they actively seek eco-friendly products, and half say that it was a bonus when already looking to purchase a Womanizer. It’s nice to see that the sustainability aspect helps seal the deal.

“PREMIUM eco has taught us where we can make our product development, operations, and marketing processes more sustainable,” reflects Keating. “It has connected us with a network of partners to help us on our journey and to implement these changes in a way that is sustainable both for our business and the environment. We are committed
to making eco-conscious decisions at all levels of our organization and hopefully, motivate more manufacturers to do the same.”

For more information, visit womanizer.com.