Customizable to everyone, boutique vendor SVAKOM offers competitively-priced, technologically-advanced pleasure products which can be used across great distances, including a vibrator with an internal camera, an app-controlled interactive pleasure device and a pulse stimulator with a starry sky projector.

(Note: This story appears in the February 2024 issue of SE Magazine


ounded in the USA in 2012 by David Yu, SVAKOM was created to offer high-quality products globally, with emphases on innovative technology and affordability for all. In fact, ‘SVAKOM’ translates as “to everyone” in several Slavic languages. Striving to create a brand that caters to everyone, SVAKOM began designing and manufacturing new and inventive ways to encourage sexual wellness beyond touch alone. 

They began with Siime Eye – the world’s first vibrator with an internal camera – and continued on with the Connexion Series of products, which offers multiple ways to interact with digital content, partners and online audiences, regardless of distance. 

“Currently, one of our most successful product lines is Connexion Series,” says Yurii Alekseev, Marketing Supervisor at Svakom. “These are interactive products that allow their users to control their devices from their smartphone using SVAKOM or Feel Connect 3.0 application, transfer control at any distance, as well as synchronize the device with adult content videos. Each of these features has found a great response among our audience, but we won’t stop there. We are constantly expanding the collection of devices in this line to complement the functionality of our application.”

An inherent value of any “boutique” brand is its ability to customize its products. With an in-house factory, SVAKOM is able to maintain complete control over the production process and pricing of their products in ways that larger companies may not be able to. Embracing smallness as an advantage, SVAKOM is able to offer luxury segment devices at considerably competitive prices, providing users with exceptional value.

“We also see the support from SVAKOM to our clients is very different from other larger vendors in the industry,” explains Alekseev. “Our structure is to locate sales representatives in each major market, working closely with our retailer and distributor accounts to support them. This ensures that we are always there to help and grow together.”

All this culminates in the SVAKOM slogan, “Explore your limits,” and the pleasure products company intends to do so. 

“The future is widely open for us,” excites Alekseev. “Expansion in business and innovation is always our goal! In 2024, it will have been twelve years in this industry, and it has been a privileged journey.”

Among evidences of gradual growth since its beginnings, the product offerings from SVAKOM have broached a number of competitive markets. Additionally, SVAKOM intends to continue to advance in design, with a high value of the latest in modern pleasure product technology.

“Technology is the future!” Alekseev declares. “Because of the big success from our Connexion Series, we’re putting significant effort and investments in this for our next decade expansion. Our future technology will focus on providing virtual interactive experiences. We aim to launch more and more of these groundbreaking functions with technology by the end of 2024 and into 2025.”

This year at Altitude, SVAKOM is highlighting their latest example of high-tech pleasure, the Pulse Galaxie pulse stimulator. 

“Powered by our patented Pulse Technology, it marks the fourth device in the Pulse stimulator lineup,” shares Alekseev. “Notably, the device features a unique starry sky projector integrated into the recharging station, offering three modes to create an immersive atmosphere for relaxation and pleasure. Admittedly, this product blows people’s minds. Additional features include a memory function, accidental activation lock and a USB-C port—a rarity among devices in this category. We invite you to visit our booth at Altitude, as the Pulse Galaxie truly deserves your attention with its innovative design and advanced functionality.”

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