Since joining the M.D. Science Lab family early in 2021, Swiss Navy’s brand ambassador, Rocky Bowell, has traveled thousands of miles to visit industry retailers in person.

“The past year has been pretty rough on our retailers and many haven’t gotten the attention they deserve,” says Bowell. “While safety is one of my top priorities, being able to make store visits has really been rewarding for both me and the retailers.”

Bowell brings over 20 years of industry retail expertise to the Swiss Navy team and is using his decades of experience to work directly with retailers and their staff. As the M.D. Science catalog of brands continues to grow with new collections and expansion plans, Bowell is being hands-on with his in-person visits to help retailers increase their sales with help and support.

“Having Rocky out there on the road representing us is allowing Swiss Navy to directly support our customers from the distributors to the retail stores,” said Briana Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “From the feedback we’re receiving, we’ve learned that people are missing in-person attention. Rocky is the perfect person with the ideal background to assist our industry partners.”

Bowell recently canvassed Florida and will be expanding his travel as states begin to reopen amid the pandemic and vaccine efforts.

“I’ll be traveling to wherever our customers need me,” says Bowell. “My goal is to help make our industry family successful and to introduce them to our trusted products and newest collections in person. For anyone who wants to set up a visit, please reach out to me at And I invite everyone to follow my adventures using the hashtag #RockyOnTheRoad.”

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