Trade Team Studio Portrait Jade Bawa

The world of marketing – and the way in which new and existing audiences alike are reached – is constantly evolving, and players in the sexual wellness industry are not immune to this. Lovehoney B2B has long championed the use of modern marketing techniques to gain and maintain its dedicated customer base, and below are some of the key elements of which form this strategy.

Harnessing the power of social media and ‘sexfluencers’ 

“Social media is one of the most rapidly-developing aspects of the modern world, and therefore its use as a marketing tool should adapt alongside this,” says Lovehoney’s International Business Development Manager, Jade Bawa. “Lovehoney is at the forefront of harnessing the power of social media, not only firsthand but also through the use of influencers and ambassadors. Its influencers and ambassadors engage with their active audience via Instagram Posts, Stories, Tweets, TikToks and more, amplifying Lovehoney in a way that social media restrictions make difficult to do so without this element.”

In a world of banned and restricted keywords, Lovehoney maintains a strong presence across social media platforms, spanning Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and latterly Pinterest and TikTok. Rather than shying away from the challenges set by the platforms themselves, companies in the sexual happiness industry should learn how to circumvent and/or thrive on social media, as the benefits will be reaped.

Planned marketing activities in advance

Although flexibility and adaptability are crucial pillars of any marketing strategy, planning activities in advance is vital for retailers, and arguably even more so for those in the sexual wellness industry. Knowing that there will be peak trading at certain times during the year – Black Friday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in particular – means that you need to have a solid marketing plan in place for these times of the year. “Not only do you need to be personally ready for an onslaught of customers, you need to ensure that you are on the same page as suppliers and manufacturers to be sure of stock during peak,” says Bawa.

Online competitions to drive traffic to store or website

Driving traffic and keeping existing and new customers engaged is a core principle of any marketing strategy, and it is no different for sexual wellness brands. Competitions can be used in myriad ways to achieve this end, whether it be collaborating with a media publication to offer a prize and gain coverage, or on socials to drive engagement and traffic. They can be an equally simple yet effective way of increasing custom and ultimately sales.

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